Chapel Use

Use of the Chapel, or any of the classrooms at Building 300, is regulated by Navy Instruction, and managed by the Command Chaplain to ensure that the religious accomodation and pastoral care needs of the larger community are well managed. Please consider the following as you complete the form to request use of Chapel spaces:

Chapel Use Request Form

Religious Ceremonies

The Chapel is well suited to host your Wedding, Baptism, or other religious ceremony, and our staff would be excited to assist you in your planning. There are some constraints, which any of our staff could advise you about. Please be sure to plan well in advance and make your request for the space before sending out invitations for a particular time and day, as the Chapel books up rather quickly.

Use of the Chapel itself must be sponsored by a Chaplain or Priest, even if they do not themselves perform the ceremony. Please keep in mind that Chaplains and Priests are not obligated to perform the ceremony if they feel it does not fit well with the obligations of their ordination. All the more reason to make sure to contact our office in advance so you can sort quickly through the process. For more information, please call us at 831-656-2241.


Building 300 also has two classroom spaces which may be available for use when not already scheduled to support Chapel programs. However, any training or meetings conducted within those spaces must be related either to the Command Religious Program or be directed ultimately to enhancing the quality of life for our community. The Command Chaplain will make the final determination as to appropriateness of use, and our staff will be happy to gather your requirements for furniture and AV support.