Chapel Use

Use of the Chapel, or any of its office spaces at Bldg. 300, are regulated by Navy Instruction, and managed by the Command Chaplain to ensure religious accommodations and pastoral care needs of the NSAM/NPS community are well managed. Please consider the following as you complete the form to request use of Chapel spaces:

-Those with an NPS email account can use the User Portal. When creating a New Booking, select "Special Event Space" as your Booking Type and "Chapel" as your Building under Room Criteria.

-Those without can use the NSA Monterey Commanding Officer Assigned Space Request Form

Reference : NSAMINST 11010.1A Space Utilization, Allocation and Assignment, Enclosure (3)

Religious Ceremonies

The Chapel is suited to host Weddings, Baptisms, or other Religious Ceremonies, for NSAM/NPS students, faculty, and staff. There may be constraints, so please ensure to plan, submit chapel usage requests, and communicate with the Religious Ministry Team before sending out official event invitations.

Note: Only Active Duty Service Members are authorized to have weddings in the NSAM Chapel.

The Command Chaplain requires an in-person interview
, pre-marital counseling (if marriage), at least 6 months advanced notice, and reception/banquet services through NSAM’s MWR program. Chapel usage must be sponsored by the Command Chaplain, even if they do not perform the ceremony. Be advised that Chaplains and Priests are not obligated to perform ceremonies that do not align and adhere to tenants of their religious organization and ordination. 

For more information, please call us at 831-656-2241.

Training Requirements

Bldg. 300 has two classroom spaces which may be available for use. Be advised that regularly scheduled chapel programming have priority over chapel usage requests. Training or meetings conducted within those spaces must be related to the Command Religious Program or enhance the quality of life for our NSAM/NPS community. The Command Chaplain will make final determination with respect to the use of chapel classrooms. Staff can support basic AV support.



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