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Welcome to the NPS Design Thinking Community Site. 

We are faculty, students and staff who share the goal of making NPS the center for creative and human-centered problem solving for the military. We invite students, faculty and staff of all disciplines to learn design thinking as a methodology that empowers them to collaborate across disciplines to tackle the military‚Äôs greatest challenges.

Multidisciplinary design thinking teams:

  • address major military challenges and complex problems;
  • conduct in-depth interviews, onsite visits, observation, and archival research to understand the design challenge/problem in context;
  • frame and reframe problems informed by a deeper understanding of the context;
  • put people who are struggling with challenges and problems in the center of our redesign efforts;
  • generate innovative ideas with users to address the design challenge/problem;
  • prototype the most promising new ideas with users;
  • field test the prototypes; 
  • modify the prototypes based on user feedback;
  • implement the prototypes if they are successful or reiterate the design thinking process if they are not.

To address military challenges and problems, we design:

  • strategies
  • products
  • processes
  • operations
  • campaigns
  • networks
  • organizations

Join Us!

For more information contact:

Ms Lyla Englehorn
Faculty Associate - Research (laengleh@nps.edu)

Professor Nancy Roberts
Defense Analysis Department (nroberts@nps.edu)


Design Thinking Course!

SE3201 Engineering Systems Conceptualization: students use Design Thinking to tackle a design challenge--one that usually involves an issue on the NPS campus. No engineering skill set is required to take the course.  SE3201 is open Summer and Winter to anyone in any discipline who is interested in becoming a more creative and innovative problem solver.

Contact Prof. Cliff Whitcomb with questions.

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