WCD Vision

Welcome to the NPS Human Centered Design (HCD) Community Site!

We are faculty, students and staff who share the goal of making NPS the center for creative and human-centered problem solving for the military. Sometimes referenced as Design Thinking (DT), Warfighter Centered Design (WCD), or user-centered design (UxD) - human centered design addresses challenges faced by people, and this community focuses on complex military challenges by our people - NPS students.

Design teams:

  • Generate innovative ideas with users to address major military challenges and complex problems
  • Prototype the most promising new ideas with users
  • Implement the prototypes when they are successful...

...or reiterate the design thinking process if they are not!

HCD community, and its teams are capable of producing solutions for Military Challenges by designing:

  1. Strategies: By empathizing with the end-users, our design thinking team can develop innovative solutions and recommendations that align with the military's goals and objectives.
  2. Processes: By utilizing design thinking methods, we can consult with existing studies and military personnel to identify pain points and areas for improvement in military processes. Our team can then ideate and prototype innovative solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations.
  3. Operations: Design thinking methods can be applied to military operations by analyzing data and conducting simulations to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. By using a user-centric approach, our team can develop innovative solutions that enhance the effectiveness of military operations and help achieve objectives.
  4. Campaigns: Our design thinking team can apply design thinking methods to military campaigns by analyzing historical campaigns and current engagements to identify user needs and pain points. By prototyping and testing innovative solutions, we can provide insights and recommendations that help military leaders plan and execute successful campaigns.
  5. Networks: Design thinking methods can be used to improve communication and coordination among multiple units and organizations in military operations. Our team can analyze the dynamics of military networks to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. By ideating and prototyping innovative solutions, we can help build effective networks that can achieve objectives.
  6. Organizations: Design thinking methods can be applied to military organizations by identifying pain points and best practices in organizational design, leadership, and culture. By  ideating innovative solutions, our design thinking team can help military leaders build effective organizations that can adapt to changing circumstances and achieve their objectives.

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Join the team!

Join the 2023 Warfighter Centered Design Team

No experience necessary and open to all students, faculty, and staff! 

For more information contact:

Ms. Lyla Englehorn (laengleh@nps.edu)
Concepts Branch Lead, Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI)