DKL Design Space

Dudley Knox Library Design Sp@ce

DKL's Lower Level has become the perfect spot for a "human centered design maker space" where people can brainstorm, with "props" to help them think outside the box and "shape" new ideas and concepts via prototyping.  The DKL Design Sp@ce features:  giant whiteboards, electronic whiteboards, sticky notes, building blocks, pipe cleaners and clay — in a setting that promotes rearranging the furniture and thinking outside the box as part of the process of prototyping ideas.

Our Design Space is located in the lower level of the library. No reservations necessary, this space is available for whatever you want. Contact Eleanor Uhlinger with questions.


Guidelines for Use

  • Enjoy this space! It is a place for you to be creative!!
  • Grab a form & claim the space—first-come first-served—post it by lockers
  • Rearrange the space to your needs—move the tables (they fold up), stack the chairs, stand up, sit down, move about
  • Stick things up on the walls
  • Plug in to the plasma screen (cables at Information Desk near Library entry)
  • Use the wireless—or—unplug for a change
  • Relax & try something new
  • Brainstorm & experiment
  • Use whiteboards, flip charts, sticky notes for fast ideas
  • Use balloons, Play-Doh, pipe cleaners, Legos etc. to prototype possibilities
  • Mark your stuff to "Keep till Date XX" or we'll periodically erase & disassemble
  • Need a locker to store stuff? Ask at the Information Desk
DKL Design space pix