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Mentor the Next Generation of Innovators

We are excited to announce that the 2023 Design Challenge is here! This year, the rapid innovation challenge seeks to connect NPS students with high school students within the local community to design innovative solutions to climate change challenges. We invite you to participate in this unique opportunity which provides you the ability to:

  • Experience a state-of-the-art-application focused on connecting people, functions, and systems through a hands-on workshop,
  • Partner with the next generation of innovators as they explore how to unleash the power of IT to solve problems in their local communities, and
  • Pair with industry experts.

This flexible commitment asks you to explore the possibilities an application engine studio brings to workflow process automation and how such automation supports rapid design of innovative solutions. After completing a short hands-on workshop, mentor students in their solution's design. 




  • Hands-on workshop exploring and learning the use of an application engine
    • Tentatively December 13th-14th, 0900-1300
    • Alternative workshop dates tentatively scheduled the week of 23 January 2023
  • Mentor Core Skills Quick Course (required if unable to attend the in-person workshop)
  • Support student workshop exploring the benefits of workflow automation 
    • Upon team registration beginning February 2023


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If you have any questions, please contact the design team at