2017 - Discovery Day at NPS

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Check out the pre-event website for a detailed list of activities and demos.


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Inspiration Highlights NPS' Day of Discovery

More than 1,000 Monterey Peninsula elementary through high school students packed King Auditorium on the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) campus, Dec. 1, kicking-off Discover NPS Day, a rare open-campus event designed to introduce the regional community to the university. Countless STEM activities and demonstrations, open research labs, keynote lectures and topical panel sessions were just a few of the day’s highlights, that all began with a welcome message straight from the commander of the International Space Station.

“Astronauts come from very diverse backgrounds,” said U.S. Marine Corps Col. Randy “Komrade” Bresnik. “We are fighter pilots, engineers, professors, scientists and teachers. Our crew on the ISS represents each one of those professions.

“We do have one thing in common, though,” he continued. “We were all inspired by someone or something in our past that got us here to orbit 250 miles above the surface of the earth. I hope you find something that inspires you, for there is no stronger motivation than inspiration.”

Throughout the day, visiting students and their parent and teacher chaperones had free reign over much of the campus, packing Spanagel Hall for the Department of Physics’ popular demonstrations in the science of sound, electricity, mechanics and many more. Standing-room only crowds descended upon the university’s MOVES Institute, where virtual reality and 3D printing activities were a huge hit. Meanwhile, in the RoboDojo, students flew mini UAVs and learned the basics of coding.

“I liked all of the hands-on experiences, getting to see and do everything has been a lot of fun,” said Monterey Bay Charter School Sixth Grader Riley Reagan.

Even the teachers and chaperones were impressed with the events, and the opportunity NPS offered the regional community.

“I think it’s fantastic what NPS is doing for young kids, being able to learn about all the different sciences,” said Cecilia Barnett, a chaperone with Walter Colton Middle School in Monterey. “The favorite amongst my kids was the sound deprivation chamber. And it’s really exciting for the kids to meet an astronaut … They’re all getting more excited about space”

In Ingersoll Hall, students were given the controls to operate Ant Weight Combat Robots, one of the most popular events for the day. Read More...

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Feedback and Comments from the Community

“…my middle-schooler and his friends had an amazing time at Discover NPS Day. The wide eyes and sounds of excitement/amazement were a great thing to hear. They are still talking about it at school.”

“From the entire 5th Grade, students, staff and parent chaperones, we want to thank you for such a wonderful field trip to NPS Discovery Day today.  We thoroughly enjoyed the welcome presentation by the astronaut, as well as all of the hands on, engaging STEM stations throughout the campus.”

“The students had a great day and were able to see many of the exhibits. They will be writing about some of the things they saw and did. Everybody was so nice and accommodating we would definitely mark this down as an annual field trip for fifth grade. Thank you again for taking care of us.”

"Thank you very much for affording our children a rare opportunity to visit one the premium military and scientific institutions in US. Our students walked away with a deeper understanding of the important role NPS in supporting our country and appreciation for the hard work of the men and women who serve. We are ready for an encore next year! Thank you." Quoc T. Tran, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, Alisal Union School District

Comments from Carmel River Elementary School Blog, see school blog.


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