DD22 SaveDate 2022

Discovery Day is postponed.  We hope to reschedule in AY 2024-2025.

When re-scheduled, the date will be announced.  Anticipated focus areas of this event are:

1. Special Guests – Stay Tuned!

2. Keeping Our Nation Safe: Educate the community through exposure to the programs and research that NPS conducts in order to keep our nation safe.  Students will experience how NPS uses political science, world history, robotics, autonomous vehicles and STEM efforts to help military missions around the world.

3. Military Awareness: Static displays or short descriptions of the roles of each military branch and exposure to our elite special operations forces encourages students to leave inspired by the work of their current and future military leaders.

4. Local History: To reconnect the community with the history of the Del Monte Hotel and the activities of the Naval Postgraduate School, a long time neighbor and community partner

We are focused on breaking down barriers, ensuring opportunities and encouraging STEM education for our local youth.  If there are issues or concerns with attending this event, please contact us discovernps@nps.edu.  Look forward to hearing from you. 

Design Challenge 2024
Local Challenges • Global Solutions

Rapid Innovation Design Challenge
The Naval Postgraduate School is excited to announce the Rapid Innovation Design Challenge for 2024. Schools and students are invited to envision, develop, and design innovative solutions to local climate challenges. Through engagement with design challenges presented with scaffolded lessons that support student learning and engagement, students will be asked to consider how science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) can be used to create meaningful solutions with global impact.

Mentor Registration is Open 
Check out https://nps.edu/web/stem/design-challenge for more information.