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Strategic Applications for Next Generation Military and Space Batteries

January 11, 2013
ME Lecture Hall

Kris Johanessen

Director of Business Development
Yardney Technical Products, Incorporated


This presentation will cover numerous strategic applications for next-generation military and space batteries. Yardney Technical Products, Inc. (Yardney) has been involved with the development and manufacture of advanced high energy density batteries for aerospace and underwater applications since the 1940s, including the Mars Rovers, ASDS, and similar systems. This lecture will provide a unique perspective on the criticality of batteries in today's DOD weapon systems and how the long term availability and reliability of the manufacturing resources are being impacted by the commercial marketplace. Topics will include an overview of highly successful aerospace battery applications in both air and space; sourcing considerations when developing battery requirements as well as insight into future performance improvements and technology enhancements under way within the industry. The speaker, Kris Johanessen received a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University of Montana. Kris joined Yardney after a 20 year career in the United States Air Force. He is a seasoned Program Manager and prior ICBM Missile Launch Officer, Emergency War Order Instructor/Evaluator and Acquisition Staff Officer. He has led several multi-million dollar modernization programs for a wide array of USAF Missile and Space Weapon Systems, with his final assignment being the USAF Program Manager for the X-37 Military Space Plane at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL.


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