Seminar - 071516

Speaker photoPlug in Electric Vehicle Decision Making Data Based Tools

July 15, 2016
ME Lecture Hall

Dr. Michael Nicholas

Postdoctoral Scholar at Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis


As the vehicle fleet transitions to an increasing number of electric drivetrains we have to plan for their arrival.  This includes determining how many vehicles will be sold, of what kind, and determining the infrastructure needed to serve them.  The Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (PH & EV) Research Center has used a variety of methods including surveys, modelling and in-use data to help predict what to expect in terms of purchase, charging and driving behavior.  These estimations are incorporated in a suite of tools to help decision makers plan for the transition to electric drive.

This presentation will cover the underlying data and methods used to create electric market and charging infrastructure estimates and decision making tools.


Michael Nicholas completed a degree in Physics and Natural Science, and earned his PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis in 2010.  He is currently continuing his work as a professional researcher at UC Davis. His work has centered on the understanding of refueling behavior from a geographic perspective.  His work on electric and hydrogen vehicle infrastructure planning has assisted future planners and policy makers make informed decisions in this rapidly expanding research area.  He is currently managing a team of researchers in the PH&EV Research Center modeling infrastructure and conducting consumer surveys.


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