Seminar - 031116

Speaker photoLeveraging University RD&D to Drive Market Impact and Adoption of Energy Efficiency Solutions: A Review of the UC Davis Approach

March 11, 2016
ME Lecture Hall

Mr. Ben Finkelor

Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Center


The Energy Efficiency Center at UC Davis and its affiliated centers of excellence employ a unique model for leveraging academic expertise and partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders to accelerate the development and commercialization of energy efficiency solutions in the market, while at the same time training future leaders in energy. Ultimately, successful commercial impact of technologies and best practices requires effective engagement of all players within a market eco-system and a focus on customer preference rather than customer acceptance. The speaker will highlight a variety of Energy Efficiency RD&D programs and projects that both exemplify the UC Davis approach and also apply to military settings. There will be specific reference to four recently launched research projects, funded by the Office of Naval Research through the NEPTUNE program. UC Davis researchers are seeking NPS collaborators (both students and faculty) to advance their respective research topics:


  1. Developing Plug in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Decision Making Database Tools (for infrastructure and equipment procurement by on-shore facilities)
  2. Developing Occupancy Sensing Solutions for Lighting Controls in Outdoor Applications (for on-shore facilities)
  3. Developing High Performance Recuperators for Waste Heat Recovery Cycles (for on-ship turbine applications)
  4. Developing Portfolio-level Energy Auditing and Decision-making Methods & Tools (for small and medium-sized buildings in on-shore facilities)


Benjamin Finkelor is the Executive Director of the Energy Efficiency Center at UC Davis. Prior to joining the EEC, he served in a variety of roles within the clean technology sector, including director of business development for a local clean-energy start-up company; interim executive director for CleanStart, a Sacramento-based business incubator supporting local clean energy technology ventures and entrepreneurs; and as a clean-tech analyst for the private equity arm of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. He received his MBA from the University of California, Davis and a Certificate in Corporate Environmental Management through the Bren School at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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