EEO Advice Lines

Advice Lines

NSA Monterey Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
Inspector General Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline
800.522.3451 (NAVIG) or 831.656.1803 (local IG)
Accept all categories of complaints to include sexual harassment. The NAVIG line is active from 0800 – 1600 (EST), Monday-Friday. A voicemail is activated after duty hours to record message; calls are returned the next duty day.
Navy/Marine Crime Line
A recorded message from Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) advises the caller to leave a message or information should the caller wish to remain anonymous. Calls are returned at the earliest opportunity.
Air Force Sexual Harassment Hotline
DSN 665-2949
Hotline is set up to receive sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination inquiries. An Air Force Personnel Center representative answers each call to the hotline. Callers with a sexual harassment or discrimination concern are forwarded to a qualified military equal opportunity counselor. Counselors ensure callers understand the avenues available to them and complaints are channeled to the proper authority. Counselors are available to take calls during normal duty hours from 0730 to 1630 (CST). After normal duty hours, voicemail is available for callers to leave messages. Counselors return after hours-phone calls the following duty day. Counselors are available 24 hours a day for emergencies or when an immediate response is desired. The call center voicemail will instruct callers on how to reach an after-hours counselor.
Air Force IG Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline
Offers a recorded message on how and where to lodge complaints. Caller is given an opportunity at the end of the message to leave a complaint. However, a formal written complaint must be submitted. A recording gives address on where to send the complaint.
Coast Guard Leadership and Diversity
Offers a menu to reach various point of contact concerning subjects such as women’s information, gender policy, ethnic policy, and mentorship. There is also an option to stay on the line for further assistance.
Army Sexual Harassment and Abuse Assistance Line
Provides counseling and information to callers on how to handle specific complaints. It also advises callers of the various channels through which they can lodge a complaint. Line is staffed from 0730 to 1700 (EST), Monday – Friday.