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  MP-Firebird MP-Raven MP-Gryphon
What is its purpose? To provide public access to the Monterey Phoenix analysis capability and promote the MP approach and language in the larger systems and software engineering communities. To provide an intranet staging server for beta testing new MP software versions and for working with sensitive but unclassified (SBU) modeling data. To provide an installable MP analysis tool that processes model information in either a distributed or a standalone configuration, depending on security restrictions on the modeled data.
Which version? MP version 4 MP version 3.5 MP version 3.5
Who can access it? Public All NPS students, faculty and staff with intranet access NPS MP Team Members with intranet access have access to the alpha software.
How do I get it? Go to https://firebird.nps.edu (version 3) ; Go to https://firebird.nps.edu:2000 (version 2) If accessing from off campus, first connect to the NPS VPN. Go to https://raven.uc.nps.edu Visit the MP-Gryphon page for instructions.
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