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The Sea Land Air Military Research (SLAMR) Initiative is intended to address the “whole of country” challenges that face our Nation in a time of renewed great power competition. The SLAMR Initiative will leverage existing capabilities and authorities of the Naval Postgraduate School, augmented by new authorities as needed, to engage industry and academia in a robust discourse in search of innovation solutions to the Nation’s defense challenges. The Initiative envisions a rolling start with startup capital from existing NPS programs, modest augmentation from the Secretary of the Navy and non-federal contributors such as the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation to create success that earns additional investment from both industry and other government sponsors.


The SLAMR Facility:

A series of ranges to allow sea, land, and air autonomous systems activities including workshops, observation, and control spaces. 


The Collaboration Center:

Focused on hyper-connectivity that will connect the SLAMR facility to the NPS Campus, as well as fleet units, industry and academic partners from around the country.




The SLAMR Community needs your help to shape the future!



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