Frequently Asked Questions

How are applications prioritized?

Currently, applications are being considered in order of upcoming boards or the next academic quarter. If you have a pending deadline, add it to the 'comment' section of the application.

Need to reset an old email and/or password?

Here are directions on resetting your email and password:

  1. Go to apply as a returning applicant.

  2. Reset your password using your old login email. (Click the "Forgot your password" button)

    • If you do not need to reset your email, you can skip the final step and continue to access your account.

  3. Reset your old email using your new password. (Click the "Change your email address?" button)

 If you don't remember what email you used to apply with, email

Click here for a visual aid.

How many programs can I apply to?

Resident Applicants:

You may submit up to three different applications.  For each additional program you wish to be considered for, you will need to fill out an additional application.

Distance Learning Applicants:

You may only apply to one program at a time.

What application materials are required for certificate programs?


You are required to submit official transcripts from the institution(s) where you completed undergraduate courses.

If you are a USN Officer, you must submit transcripts from ALL attended undergraduate and graduate schools.

What application materials are required for Master's degree programs?


All applicants must submit official transcripts from ALL attended undergraduate and graduate schools.

If you are a USA or USAF officer or a Federal Civilian applying for a program from the School of International Graduate Studies (curriculums 681-693), will be required to submit a GRE taken within the past 5 years.

Please use Institutional Code 4831 to have your scores sent automatically to NPS.

What application materials are required for a PhD program?


The letter of intent, letters of recommendation and writing sample should all be emailed as PDF attachments to

Beyond your official transcripts, please go here for all PhD admissions requirements.

Applications will not be reviewed by the department until ALL materials have been received.

Will I be notified when my application materials are received?


Not directly, you can check the status of application materials in your application.

If a transcript has been received, there will be a check mark in the "Transcripts Rcvd" column next to the school in your application.

If you see "Transcripts Not Received" on your dashboard, this means that you're still missing a transcript. You should open the application and see which school doesn't have a check mark. If all schools have check marks, this means you have transfer credits that we need a transcript for and should have email you about.

Why has my school been deleted?

It's normal to see the deletion of schools that you didn't obtain a degree from or did obtain a degree that is lower than an undergraduate degree (associate degree or certificate). If it was marked received at one point and then deleted, it means that the transcript on file but was deleted for Admissions procedures.

Where do I have my transcripts delivered to?

Official transcripts must be ordered from all undergraduate and graduate institution(s) attended and delivered directly to NPS. Our office accepts both paper and electronic transcripts. We do not accept copies of transcripts from the applicant, this would deem the transcripts as unofficial.

Our mailing address for paper transcripts is as follows:

Admissions Office
Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle, He-061A
Monterey, CA 93943-5006

Our email address for electronic transcripts is as follows:

How do I know if my transcript has been received?

Transcript receipt information is viewable after logging in to your account as a returning user and opening up your application. Once we receive and process a transcript, you will see a check mark next to the institution. If all listed institutions are marked as received but your dashboard and application reads 'Transcripts Not Received' you should have been emailed regarding missing transcripts for transfer credits.

How long does it take for my transcripts to reflect as received on my application?


Paper Transcripts

Please allow up to 14 business days for the transcript to be delivered to our office and an additional 5 business days for it to be processed and reflect on your application.

Electronic Transcripts

Please allow our office 5 business days after the initial download for it to be processed and reflect on your application.

Why is my electronic transcript marked as received by the transcript provider but is not reflected on my application?

Your transcript was downloaded. It will be marked as received on your application once it is processed and filed, which can take about 5 business days after the initial download.

What is considered an official and unofficial transcript?


Official transcripts are delivered to us directly from the institution or institution's transcript provider.  

Official paper transcripts have the institution's seal and the Registrar's signature. They are usually printed on security transcript paper and may have a raised seal embossed on the paper. Institutes that participate in a secure digital transcript program may also send their transcripts as portable document format files to the Admissions Office.

Unofficial transcripts do not have the characteristics of an official transcript and will not be accepted by our office. Copies and scans of official transcripts are considered unofficial. Sending us unofficial transcripts will delay the processing time of your application.

My school sends both electronic and paper transcripts. Do I request both versions to be sent to NPS?

No, only send one version (either electronic or paper) of your transcript per school. Otherwise, you will delay the processing time of your application.

Will you accept official transcripts from an international school?


U.S. students with degrees from international institutions are required to have their degrees evaluated by a service credentialed by the National Association for Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

You will need to forward a transcript from the international school to one of the evaluating agencies. The evaluating agency will provide us with an equivalency report detailing your coursework which we will use to complete your evaluation. The equivalency report must include the following information: Courses, Semester Units, Grades, Subtotal, Total Semester Units, and Overall Grade Point Average.

What is the APC?

The APC (Academic Profile Code) is an academic index used to assess your ability to succeed at the Naval Postgraduate School.  

The first digit accounts for your overall GPA based upon all schools attended; the second digit factors in any college level math or above courses; and the third digit reflects how well you may be able to succeed in a technical program.  It takes into account any calculus-based physics courses, and, for engineering majors, your engineering courses.  

  • Much like golf, the lower the score the better.

  • Only graded coursework taken at institutionally accredited institutions will be used in the APC calculation.

  • For USN officers, each digit of the APC can be waived.  For further information on how to do this, consult your detailer after your APC has been calculated.

How do USN officers obtain their Academic Profile Code (APC)?

In order to have your APC calculated, you must complete an online application and submit official transcripts from all attended schools. Further details on properly submitting an application to obtain an APC calculation can be found under the U.S. Navy officers section.

How long does it take to calculate my APC?

Once we receive all required materials, it will take about a month to calculate and report your APC to PERS via email which you will be Cc'd on.

I'm a USN officer and my APC does not meet the admission minimum for a particular program. What do I do?


If your APC does not meet the minimum requirement for a particular program, consult your detailer.

  • All APC waiver requests will be handled by your detailer through the Graduate Education Placement Officer, PERS 440B.

  • While the Admissions Office does work with the Graduate Education Placement Officer on waiver requests, ultimately it is your detailer who must advocate for any waivers.

I'm a USA officer and I've been told that an APC is a requirement for my ACS packet. Do I receive this information?

No, the APC is an internal tool that our office uses to evaluate applications, and is not provided to officers outside of the U.S. Navy. If you are found to be academically eligible, we will email you a conditional acceptance letter which is all you will need from us to include in your ACS packet.

Am I eligible to apply to NPS?

Please review our Prospective Students page for eligibility requirements and specific information before submitting an online application.  

There are two scholarship options available for only non-military applicants. Please visit our Scholarship page for eligibility and particular information, these scholarships are handled outside of our office.

What are the academic requirements for admission?


An applicant is eligible to be considered for admission if they possess an accredited baccalaureate degree, preferably from an institution that holds institutional accreditation from one of the six regional agencies, or shall have completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by appropriate campus authorities.

Applicants should possess sufficient preparatory background coursework to enable comprehension and classroom interaction with fellow students and instructors. Key indicators of a student’s potential for academic success includes not only previous academic endeavors, but may also include recent GRE scores.

Admission requirements vary by program; however, the general requirement is:

  • A minimum grade point average of 2.2 on a 4.0 system, of which 75 semester hours/112 quarter hours must be letter-graded.

  • For programs that require the GRE, test scores are evaluated by the applicable department and not by our office.

What programs may I apply to?


NPS offers a vast array of master's degree programs in areas such as Business, Engineering, Information Science, Defense Analysis and National Security Affairs. We also offers doctoral and certificate programs. Please review the Academic Catalog for a listing of our programs, as well as program descriptions.  

Admissions does not control or know the requirements for each service. Navy Officers should consult their detailer(s) for available annual quotas and members in all other services should reach out to their specific service for available programs.

What is the best way to contact Admissions?


Though NPS does not have traditional Admissions Counselors, our Education Technicians can provide counseling in most situations.

The best method of requesting information is via email. Provide as much pertinent information as possible, this will allow Admissions to provide you with a complete and comprehensive answer.  

We can be reached at:

Is the GRE required?


GRE Scores, dating back to a max of 5 years, are required for USA and USAF officers or Federal Civilians applying to the School of International Graduate Studies (curriculums 681–693) or for anyone applying to a doctoral program.

Use Institutional Code 4831 to have your scores sent automatically to NPS.

I'm applying to a Distance Learning program. Where can I find the Participation Agreement (PA)?

The Participation Agreement is embedded in the online application or can be found here. Please email the completed PA to

What does it mean if my application is under academic review?

This indicates that the NPS Admissions Office has received your application, transcripts, and all other required documentation and has begun the formal academic review process leading to a decision regarding your eligibility.

How long does the academic review take?

Once the NPS Admissions Office has received all required materials, the review may take at least a month for an academic decision to be made. You will be contacted via email about your eligibility.

I'm not a USN or USMC officer, but am applying for a Resident program. Will I be notified about my eligibility?

The appropriate academic department will evaluate each applicant. If you are found academically eligible for a program, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter via email. If you are found academically ineligible for a program, you will also be notified via email.

What is a refresher quarter?


Certain programs offer a refresher quarter for students who need to strengthen their math or science requirements. If you are instructed to attend a refresher quarter, that quarter will immediately preceed the normal start of the program. For instance, if a program starts during the fall quarter, you will be required to report for the refresher quarter in the summer. Please refer to our Academic Calendar for specific start dates of various programs.

Refresher quarters are not offered for programs falling under the School of International Graduate Studies and the School of Defense Management.