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The Autonomous Systems Track course sequence is taken in conjunction with courses required for the standard Master's of Science degree. The courses can be taken over the course of a year and cover the critical technology areas related to autonomous systems modeling, analysis, design, and operation.

Core Courses: Course ID - Name (Coordinator)

AE2440/EC2440 - Introduction to Scientific Programming (Yakimenko)

ME2801/EC2300 - Introduction to Control Systems (Yakimenko)

ME3801 - Dynamics and Control of Marine and Autonomous Vehicles I (Kaminer)

ME3720 - Introduction to Unmanned Systems (Horner)

ME2811 - Multivariable Control of Ship Systems (Kaminer)

ME4821 - Marine Navigation (Yakimenko)

ME4823 - Cooperative Control of Multiple Marine Autonomous Vehicles (Kaminer)

AE4820 - Robotic Multibody Systems (Romano)

ME4703 - Missile Flight and Control (Dobrokhodov)

EC4310 - Fundamentals of Robotics (Yun)

CS4330 - Introduction to Computer Vision (Kolsch)


The final course in this sequence, Unmanned Systems Design, is a capstone course that integrates the material into a design of (a component of) an autonomous underwater, surface, ground, aerial, or space system, its algorithm or sensor to be tested within the tactical network environment during quarterly field experiments at Camp Roberts training site.


Additional courses related to autonomous systems may be taken as electives. Some of the available courses are listed below:

Signal Processing
MEMS-Based Sensors
Optimal Estimation: Sensor and Data Association
Electronic Warfare Systems
Adaptive / Robust Control
Network Operating Centers
Underwater Acoustics, Sonar Transducer Theory and Design
Lasers, Optoelectronics, and Electro-Optics
Virtual Environments Modeling and Simulations
Joint Campaign Analysis
System-of-Systems Operating Environment

Course Schedule
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
AE2440* EC2440 AE2440* EC2440
ME2801* EC2300 ME2801* EC2300
  ME3801 ME3720 ME3801



AE4820 ME4823
EC4310   CS4330  

*These courses are also available via Distance Learning