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Trusted Agent


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The Trusted Agent is in effect. United States Military Active and their dependents, Retired military and Civil Service members who possess valid DoD identification cards are Trusted Agents.

A Trusted Agent and all occupants in the Trusted Agent's automobile can enter the base if the Trusted Agent shows a valid DOD ID card at an NPS gate or if they escort them via a pedestrian gate. Occupants in a Trusted Agent's automobile or walking aboard with a Trusted Agent do not have to sign in at the gate, but must stay with their sponsor at all times.

All other gate access policies remain in place. Again, Trusted Agent applies only to U.S. Active duty and their dependents/retired military, Reservist and Civil service employees with U.S. DOD ID cards. Contractors and international members of the NPS community are not Trusted Agents and will continue to use established gate access procedures to accommodate visitors.

NOTE: The U.S. Military or U.S. Civil Service member is to escort visitors/guests at all times until the visitors/guests leave the installation.