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Military Applications of Optimization

The objective of this research is to continue to respond to emerging needs in the Navy for operational decision support by developing mathematical models of real decision problems, using cutting-edge optimization algorithms to solve these problems, and designing and delivering prototypical decision support tools to the appropriate commands that are tasked with solving these problems. Past research has included US Navy multi-ship multi-mission planning for large combat operations, unmanned aerial system planning and assignment, US Navy logistics, weapon-target paring, tomahawk missile-target assignment, theater ballistic missile defense, air logistics in OEF and OIF, and critical infrastructure attack and defense, among others. Past and ongoing research projects have addressed important military decisions with optimization models. This work proposes to continue in this direction and to develop automated decision aids that are based upon that optimization research. Our military officer graduate students provide topics, subject matter expertise, and transition opportunities, and they help ensure that our research is of immediate operational relevance to the warfighter. Proposed research topics and decision tool development efforts include: infrastructure resilience, including new models and algorithms for uncertainty, secrecy, and deception, Pacific theatre fuels modeling and resilience improvement, multi-platform radar management, sensor placement in sonobuoy networks, scheduling generators in hybrid electric grids, and submarine tender management.
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