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U.S.-India Dialogue

This project supports Navy and DOD interests in countering weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, and biological) and weapons of mass effect (emerging technologies that have the potential to have similar high casualty or other strategic-level effects). Other priority research areas for FY16-17 include: WMD/WME delivery systems; WMD/WME management and prevention mechanisms/regimes; and hybrid warfare and other multi-domain threats to strategic stability. DTRA funding for this project will be allocated to three budgets: 1) PASCC internal operations and management; 2) NPS research and other non-grants projects; and 3) external grant research awards. These budgets differ in their funding authorities and indirect rates. Project deliverables will include the conduct of strategic dialogues with international participants, research on regional security involving a WMD/WME component, and studies analyzing the effects of new technologies on strategic stability and U.S. national security.
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