The CORE Lab believes most great ideas are generated from the bottom up... 

Our students, both U.S. and international, as well as our partner organizations in DOD and law enforcement, are the foundation of our three pillars of efforts: research, graduate-level courses, and outreach and education.

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CORE Mission

Our Mission

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The CORE Lab’s mission is to serve as a leading DOD organization in providing research and education to U.S. and foreign military officers in advanced methodologies and cutting-edge, analytic technologies. The Lab focuses on, but is not limited to, social media, social network, geospatial, temporal, and textual analyses as well as system dynamics. We seek to enable academics, students, and operational practitioners to collect, manage, and fuse data to create a more complete picture of the common operational environment. Our niche is bridging the gap between theory and operational capability. This goal is why we have an extensive outreach and education program, which we supplement with our “Practitioner’s Page” and Slack channel.

CORE Courses

Our Courses and Research

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The Lab’s expertise, as well as its emphasis in its courses and research, is in system dynamics, geospatial analysis, temporal analysis, and relational analysis. The Lab conducts research, in most cases, with practitioners in the following areas as well as others:

  • Organizational Mapping and Network Engagement
  • Open Source Tool Development
  • System Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic and Operational System Dynamics Modeling
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