NPS Computer Science Department Faculty and Student Recognition





Dr. Peter Denning

22 Sept, 2020

Peter Denning (and former CS faculty member Ted Lewis) received a Best Paper award for "Uncertainty", which was published in Communications of ACM, Dec 2019.  The selection was made by the editors of Best Writings on Mathematics 2020 (Princeton University Press) and the paper will be republished in that book.

A publicly available copy of "Uncertainty" is available here, which does not require an NPS IP address to access.




Capt Michael Troncoso, USMC

3 Sept, 2020

Recipient of the Gary Kildall Award for Computing Innovation - A Department level award, presented annually to acknowledge outstanding student academic excellence in the area of computer science. Intended to support the school’s mission of promoting educational excellence.

Thesis Title: “A Cryptographic Analysis of Bluetooth’s Human-Machine Authenticated Key Exchanges”

Thesis Advisors:

     - Dr. Britta Hale

     - Dr. Pantelimon Stanica



Capt Bandon Hee, USMC

3 Sept, 2020

Recipient of the Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Computer Science Award - A Department level award, presented quarterly for excellence in Computer Science & outstanding academic performance, thesis quality & leadership.

Thesis Title: “Understanding the Adverse Effect of Accelerating Reinforcement Learning with Human Trainers”

Thesis Advisors:

     - Dr. Geoffrey Xie

     - Dr. Vinnie Monaco



Mr. Jeffrey Dougherty

3 Sept, 2020

Recipient of the NPS Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for DoD Student - A university level award, presented quarterly to a graduating Department of Defense civilian student who has maintained an outstanding record at the Naval Postgraduate School as well as excelling in academic achievement, thesis research, professionalism, motivation, and community involvement.

Thesis Title: “Evasion of Honeypot Detection Mechanisms Through Improved Interactivity of ICS-Based Systems”

Thesis Advisors:

     - Professor Thuy Nguyen

     - Dr. Neil Rowe 




Dr. Vinnie Monaco

16 July, 2020

Recipient of the Best Paper Award at the 2020 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020) for his paper “Bug or Feature? Covert Impairments to Human Computer Interaction”.

His paper details how malicious changes to peripheral input events can alter human computer interaction. CHI award winners were determined through a selective process, and at most 1% of submissions can receive a Best Paper Award. Congratulations and well done!




Dr. Amela Sadagic

14 July, 2020

Appointment to the Editorial Board for "Frontiers in Virtual Reality, Section: Virtual Reality in Industry" and "PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality" journals.

These prestigious journals within the discipline of Modeling and Simulation serve as an important forum to advance the field. Dr. Sadagic's appointment to these Editorial Boards is a reflection of both her standing amongst her peers and leadership within the domain. Congratulations and well done!

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Dr. Bret Michael

7 July, 2020

Appointment as an Associate Editor-in-Chief of Computer Magazine, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

He will continue to serve as the editor of the Cybertrust column of the magazine. Bret also serves as an Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine. Congratulations and well done!