Senior IP Officer / CS, IS, & NSA Program Officer


LCDR Adesanya Kehinde (Kenny)
Senior IP Officer / CS, IS, & NSA Program Officer
(831) 656-7626



The Program Officer is an organizational entity that is separate from, but interactive with, the Academic Departments, Groups and Committees in the educational operations of the school. The Program Officer is a U.S. Naval officer whose primary functions, with assistance from civilian faculty members, are to:

  1. Provide academic counseling and military supervision of officer students.
  2. Develop and manage curriculum to ensure attainment of professional and academic objectives.
  3. Liaison with curricular sponsor representatives.


A note on grading: CS Departmental policy limits awarding a grade of "A" to no more than 20 percent of students in a 3000-level or lower course, and no more than 40 percent of students in a 4000-level course.  There is NO restriction on the number of students receiving A- and below.


Feedback policy: The evaluation of student effort in CS coursework, especially that which focuses on code manipulation and programming, takes time and attention. Our goal is to provide timely, constructive feedback to each student to enhance their understanding of the material, but class sizes and depth of material mean that delays are sometimes unavoidable. Please communicate with your instructor if you have concerns about your understanding of the subject matter.


Academic Catalog
Naval War College at NPS (JPME)


CS Graduation Checklist (Cohort 203 / earlier)

CS Graduation Checklist (Cohort 211 - 232)

CS Graduation Checklist (Cohort 233 / 243)

CS Graduation Checklist (Cohort 244/later)

CSO Graduation Checklist


CS Course Matrix (PDF)


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