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Much of our research is multidisciplinary, involving students and faculty from mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and physics. Our research environment is unique in its blend of theory and practice, and with students' determination to put their thesis results into practice. Many of our student theses have led to publications in major conferences and frequent best-paper awards.  We have 6 major categories: Cyber Security and Defense, Network, Mobility, Autonomous Systems, Data Science, and Software Engineering.

Cyber Security and Defense (CSD)

Provides knowledge in all areas of Information Security (INFOSEC) and develops the necessary skills for those who will be involved in development, evolution, or implementation of secure computer systems.


Provides fundamental and advanced knowledge in network architecture and system software for real-time and multicomputer systems and in the rapidly growing areas of wireless networking, mobile devices, and related topics, including mobile computing and wireless security.


Autonomous Systems

Provides an understanding of artificial intelligence and human factors techniques for creating highly capable software agents that interact effectively with human users.

Data Science

Software Engineering

Provides knowledge of all aspects of software development and develops skills needed to efficiently and reliably implement military systems and application software using the best available tools and techniques.

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Computer Science Department

Address:  Computer Science Dept., Glasgow Hall East, Building 305, Room 311, 1411 Cunningham Rd, Monterey, CA, 93943

Phone: Admin: 831.656.3389, DSN 756-, Program Office: 831.656.7980/7981, DSN 756-. 

Fax:  Admin: 831. 656.2814, DSN 756-, Program Office:831.656.3681, DSN 756-

Email:  The following email addresses can be reached using the '@nps.edu' suffix:  Chairman - CS_Chair, Program Officer - ProgramOfficer_CS, Computer Science Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_CS, Software Engineering Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_SE, Computer Science Search Committee - cssrch, Additional contact information is available for CS Department faculty members.