Gate Access
  • To come onto campus, your sponsor must fill out a guest form and return it for processing.  This takes a minimum of three (3) business days for status.

  • Gate hours and operations are subject to change at any time due to Force Protection needs.

  • Note: All visitors (guests, vendors, etc.) requesting unescorted access must be vetted prior to being granted entry onto the installation.  Social security number and date of birth are required.

  • Gate Operations:  Sloat Main Gate:  24/7, Del-Monte Gate:  0700-0830 / 1600-1730 M-Th and 0700-0830 on Fridays.

  • Base Police:  Important Phone Numbers, Pedestrian Turnstile, Gate Operations, Etc.


Gate Access Forms

AMRDEC SAFE Getting Started Guide

Base Access Flow Chart

NSAM Gate Access Instructions

NSAM Gate Access Request Form