Dr. Nancy Roberts

Dr. Nancy Roberts, Department of Defense Analysis Emeritus Professor

With her colleagues at NPS, Dr. Roberts built an interdisciplinary program in Design Thinking that focuses on innovative problem solving in the military through courses on Coping with Wicked Problems, Network Design, and Design Thinking. Dr. Roberts developed and designed new courses and launched a research program that employs analytic methodologies such as relational, geospatial, and temporal analyses to counter terror, insurgency, arms, and drug networks. She currently is working on two books:  Tackling Wicked Problems by Design and Network Design. Read more about Dr. Roberts here


Dr. Cliff Whitcomb

Dr. Cliff WhitcombSystems Engineering Department Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Frank Barrett

Dr. Frank Barrett, Department of Defense Management (DDM), Strategic Leadership & Management. Read more here.


Dr. Peter Denning

Dr. Peter DenningComputer Science Department.


Dr. John Arquilla

Dr. John Arquilla, Department of Defense Analysis


Lyla EnglehornMs. Lyla Englehorn (MPP) Naval Warfare Studies Institute Concepts Branch Lead

Ms. Englehorn has a research faculty appointment at Naval Postgraduate School, and supports many research initiatives involving maritime security, information sharing, and innovation. At NPS she has worked with the Multimodal Information Sharing Team (MIST), the Maritime Defense and Security Research Program (MDSRP), the MOVES Institute, the Graduate Writing Center, and the Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER). She currently leads the Concepts Branch of the NPS Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI); and is a member of the NPS Warfighter Centered Design community, using tools of human-centered design to approach complex military problem spaces. Lyla earned a Master of Public Policy degree from the Panetta Institute for Public Policy at CSUMB, and completed her undergraduate work at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. 


Kristen TsolisMs. Kristen Tsolis, Defense Analysis Department

Kristen Tsolis is Director of the RoboDojo, an NPS open community venue where “tinkerers” of all abilities can explore and learn more about robotics and electronics. NPS students and faculty use the RoboDojo for higher-resolution prototyping of their concepts in response to design challenges. She is also a Lecturer in the Department of Defense Analysis, leads geospatial analysis-related research in the CORE Lab, and is working with robots and sensors in order to collect structured data for analytical purposes. Kristen holds a Masters in International Policy Studies and is currently pursuing her PhD in Software Engineering. She was a Visiting Scholar with the Computer Security Response Team (CERT/CC) and teaches "Geospatial and Temporal Aspects of Dark Networks", "Computer Networking", "Systems Analysis and Design" and co-teaches "Computer Network Attack and Defense."


Ms. Anita Salem, Department Defense Management (DDM)

Anita is a design researcher with extensive experience in human-centered design. She works in the public and private sectors helping to integrate design research into the development of new processes, policies, and technologies. Anita received her Master degree from the University of Washington in Human-Centered Design and Engineering in 1997. Read more here.