Defense Energy Certificate (Residence)

Defense Energy Certificate (Residence)


The Academic Certificate Program in Energy is designed to support the Secretary of the Navy’s energy goals by providing an energy education option to NPS resident students who are not directly detailed into the established Energy programs. The certificate program is also available for those who do not have the opportunity to enroll in an NPS degree program. To earn a certificate, students must enroll in the 234 curriculum and complete a series of energy courses.

Earning the certificate requires a student to complete a minimum of 16 graduate credit hours of energy course offerings and achieve an average of 3.0 Graduate Quality Point Rating (GQPR) in these courses. This is accomplished by enrolling in four graduate energy courses and earning a “B” or “P” in each course. One of the four courses is mandatory for all certificates. The other three are selected from a list of acceptable energy courses. In lieu of exactly one of these three elective courses a student may enroll and pass two consecutive offerings of EN3000, Defense Energy Seminar.

PH3700 Fundamentals of Energy is the required course, and is offered once a year in the Winter Quarter. Students may select their electives during any quarter the course is offered, but all courses must be completed within three years of admission to the certificate program. Each student’s required course work is developed individually under the direction of the EAG Academic Associate, and falls within one of three focus areas: Energy (Science & Technology); Energy (Policy & Analysis); or Energy (General) which combines S&T with P&A. 

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