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Energy System Technology Evaluation Program

The Energy System Technology Evaluation Program—led by the Office of Naval Research—demonstrates emerging energy technologies and paves the way for future adoption of these technologies across naval installations. NPS professors and students participate in ESTEP projects by proposing and conducting research projects at NPS, creating valuable intellectual capital, and remotely supporting ongoing projects at other military facilities. In this role, NPS is helping to ensure that the Navy and Marine Corps keeps pace with the latest technology developments and improves energy security at naval installations.


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Interested in ESTEP or Energy-Related Thesis Research?

Over the past five years, NPS and the EAG supported a plethora of student thesis research in the area of energy. A compilation of abstracts on student thesis and other research is available on the EAG website. The EAG’s extensive resources, intellectual capital, and connections with multi-disciplinary faculty and energy professionals provide students enhanced support for energy-related research. If interested in energy research, please reach out to Brandon Naylor at for more information.

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