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Dr. Ralucca Gera, a distinguished graduate of WMU is now a Professor of Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). Recognized for her exemplary leadership and contribution in the academic community, she serves in diverse capacities as the Academic Associate Chair for the Math Department, Director of CHUNK Learning, Program Manager of the Network Science Academic Certificate, the liaison between NPS and the US Naval Community College, and the lead for several AI-based Education Innovation projects that look to revolutionize learning. 
Prof. Ralucca Gera is the Schieffelin Award recipient for Excellence in Teaching beyond the classroom, and the Hamming Award recipient for an excellent job in the classroom as evidenced by the students' mastery of the course material, thesis supervision, and contribution to NPS students' education.  A forward thinker, Prof. Ralucca Gera is a leader in the classroom and research, with an education strategy focused on quality, effectiveness, and incorporation of innovative techniques in teaching and learning. She supports personalized education through intentional learning strategies that emphasize excellence, exploration, and HyFlex environment experimentation - be it face to face or online. She empowers students to be confident learners by cultivating curiosity and inquiry, inspiring them to take ownership of their learning.  Moreover, her exemplary leadership skills have been particularly vital during the pandemic, as she spearheaded the successful transition to remote teaching and learning during the pandemic, and the Distance Learning Quality Initiate (DLQi) that developed teaching resources and educational experiences emphasizing course quality and cohesive learning experiences. 
Professor Gera's research endeavors are equally impressive and have been instrumental in the progression of various AI-based educational innovations. She has directed reimbursable research projects such as CHUNK learningClassroom of the Future with the output of Flexible Spaces and Campus of the Future, with recent focus on AI-based learning approaches, by leading the Future of Learning project with Microsoft under the MSFT-NPS CRADA, and she is the Educational Lead for ASPIRE. Her presentations and insights at international conferences have yielded a wealth of invaluable contributions and have played a formative role in advancing the impact of academic innovation excellence of NPS and the broader international community.

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