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Dr. Ralucca Gera, a Professor of Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School, serves as the Director of CHUNK Learning and the Program Manager of the Network Science Academic Certificate.  A forward thinker, Prof. Ralucca Gera is a leader in the classroom and research, with an education strategy focused on quality, effectiveness, and innovation in the teaching and learning experience. She supports personalized education through intentional learning strategies that emphasize excellence, exploration, and experimentation in the face to face or online environments. She empowers students to be confident learners by cultivating curiosity and inquiry, inspiring them to take ownership of their learning.  She lead the NPS' transition to Online teaching and learning during the pandemic, and the Distance Learning Quality Initiate (DLQi) that developed teaching resources and educational experiences emphasizing course quality and cohesive learning experiences. Additionally, she's been leading innovation education research projects such as Classroom of the Future with the output of Flexible Spaces, Campus of the Future, the Future of Learning, and she is the Educational Lead for ASPIRE.

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