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Anthony Austin
Assistant Professor
Ph.D, University of Oxford
Numerical linear algebra, approximation theory and algorithms, high-order methods, high-performance computing, computational complex analysis. Home Page

Carlos Borges
Ph.D, UC Davis
Research Interests: Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Applied Approximation Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials, Floating-point Computation. Home Page

David Canright
Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Computing
Ph.D, UC Berkeley
Research Interests: Fluid Dynamics, Materials Processing, Cryptography, Orbital Mechanics, Acoustics, Fractal Geometry. Home Page

Chris Frenzen
Ph.D, University of Washington
Research Interests: Asymptotic Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Applied Mathematics.  Home Page   Home Page

Ralucca Gera
Professor, Program Manager Network Science Certificate, Academic Council Alternate Rep
Ph.D, Western Michigan University
Research Interests: Personalized and Individualized Addaptive Education, Network Science, Data Science, Complex Networks, Social Networks, Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.  Home Page

Frank Giraldo
Distinguished Professor
Ph.D, University of Virginia
Research Interests: Spectral Elements and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Domain Decomposition Methods and Parallel computing, Time-Integrators, Adaptive Methods. Home Page

Wei Kang
Professor and Department Chair
Ph.D, UC Davis
Research Interests: Nonlinear Control Theory - Computational Optimal Control and Estimation, Normal Forms and Bifurcations. Applications - Space Systems, Automobile, Semiconductor, and other Industries.   Home Page

Jeremy Kozdon
Associate Professor
Ph.D, Stanford University
Research Interests: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, High-order Methods, Boundary Conditions, Scientific Computing, Computational Geoscience, Coupled Physics, Elastodynamics, Earthquake Dynamics, Flow and Transport in Porous Media.  Home Page

Arthur J. Krener
Research Professor
Ph.D, UC Berkeley
Research Interests: Control and Estimation. Home Page Home Page




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Thor Martinsen
Permanent Military Professor, GSEAS Associate Dean, and Associate Chair for Student Programs
Ph.D, Naval Postgraduate School
Research Interests: Cryptography, Coding-Theory, Cyber Security, Electronic Warfare.  Home Page

Beny Neta
Ph.D, Carnegie-Mellon University
Research Interests: Finite Elements, Orbit Predictions, Parallel Computing. Home Page

Guillermo Owen
Distinguished Professor
Ph.D, Princeton University
Research Interests: Game Theory, Terrorism and Low-intensity Conflict, Voting, Economic Equilibrium. Home Page

Clyde Scandrett
Professor and Dean of GSEAS
Ph.D, Northwestern University
Research Interests: Active Materials, and the Coupling between Elastic, Fluid, and Piezoelectric media, Wave Propagation Phenomena, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, The Biot Theory of Wave Propagation in Porous Media. Home Page

Gabriela Stanica
MA, SUNY Buffalo
Research Interests: Discrete Mathematics, Logic, Combinatorics, Mathematical Education. Home Page

Pantelimon Stanica
Ph.D, SUNY Buffalo
Research Interests: Cryptography & Coding Theory, Boolean Functions, Logic and Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Mathematics, Algebra. Home Page

Lucas Wilcox
Professor and Associate Chair for Research
Ph.D, Brown University
Research Interests: Computational Mathematics. Home Page

Hong Zhou
Professor, Academic Council Rep
Ph.D, UC Berkeley
Research Interests: Scientific Computation, Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Phenomena, Structure and Flow Properties of Complex Polymeric and Nano-Composite Fluids.  Home Page

Emeritus Title

Emeritus Faculty


Don Danielson
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D, Harvard University
Research Interests: Use Theory and Software to Model Dynamics of Fluids and Structures, Improve Analytical and Numerical Techniques of Satellite Orbits.
Fariba Fahroo
Fariba Fahroo
Professor Emerita
Program Officer, AFOSR
Ph.D, Brown University

Research Interests: computational optimal control theory, data-driven modeling, control of distributed parameter systems, uncertainty quantification

Richard Franke
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D, University of Utah
Hal Fredricksen
Ph.D, University of Southern California
Research Interests: Application of Combinatorial Techniques to problems of Digital Communications, Cryptography and Computer security, Coding and Informational Theory.  
Toke Jayachandran
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D, Case Institute of Technology
Craig Rasmussen
Ph.D, University of Colorado
Research Interests: Graph Theory, Network Design and Optimization, Heuristic Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization. Home Page 
Art Schoenstadt
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


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Julie Samples
Administrative Support Assistant