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The Department of Applied Mathematics has a multifaceted mission to provide an exceptional mathematical education focused on the unique needs of NPS students, to conduct relevant research, and to provide service to the broader community. A strong and vibrant Department of Applied Mathematics is essential to the university's goal of becoming a premiere research university.

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The Department of Applied Mathematics offers flexibility to the students on choosing their degrees, certificates, and courses

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The Department of Applied Mathematics has a world-class faculty. Learn more about the department's Faculty and Staff here:

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The department's research efforts can be grouped into three broad areas, as delineated below. These areas have considerable overlap and several faculty consider themselves associated with more than one group. 

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Department of Applied Mathematics

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Naval Postgraduate School Mathematics Department Chairman Dr. Frank Giraldo

The focus of the Applied Math department is to educate officers to learn how to think rigorously and logically; I cannot think of a better discipline that can serve this purpose. As a service department, we have the privilege of educating many of the students that come through the doors of NPS and we take this responsibility seriously.  The dedication of our
faculty to this mission facilitates taking students with diverse educational backgrounds to complete a Masters degree in STEM-related fields in a short turn-around time.   

In 2023, in my second year as chair of Applied Mathematics, I continue to build on the past success of the department. As a service department, we have worked closely with the STEM-related departments that needed new courses (e.g. we created 3 new courses this year). We hired two additional lecturers in order to be able to meet the mission. This brings the   sum total to 10 tenure-track faculty, one Permanent Miltiary Professor (PMP), and 6 lecturers. We have been able to support two (of the three) certificates in Applied Mathematics and saw our second Navy student who will return to Annapolis as a mathematics instructor; we currently have one PMP situated at USNA already, with one Navy PhD student who will be a PMP in the Operations Research department at NPS upon graduation. 

In 2022 as the new chair of the Applied Mathematics department, I recognized all  faculty that served in so many roles before me.  My predecessor, Wei Kang served as chair for the past three years until October 1, 2021.  Clyde Scandrett served as the Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science (GSEAS) for the past six years until June 30, 2021.  Ralucca Gera served for three years as the Associate Provost for Education until spring 2021.  I would also like to acknowledge our lecturer Gabriela Stanica who served as the Faculty Council representative until fall 2021; she still serves as the alternate.  David Canright served on the PhD committee until his retirement in fall 2021 and Chris Frenzen served for over a decade until fall 2021.  Finally, Beny Neta served as the program manager for the Scientific Computing certificate until his retirement in fall 2021. Thank you all for your service to the department and our students.

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Department News

NPS graduate Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve, congratulates 218 Winter Quarter graduates, including 19 international students from 15 countries, during the commencement ceremony in King Hall, March 24.

Chief of Navy Reserve Encourages NPS Winter Quarter Graduates
March 24, 2023
| MC2 James Norket
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) honored its 2023 Winter Quarter graduates during a commencement ceremony held in King Hall Auditorium, March 24. NPS alumnus Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve, served as the keynote speaker for the event recognizing 218 graduates, including 19 international students from 15 countries. Read more.

Prof. Wei Kang | Article by Math Department

NPS Applied Mathematics Faculty Receive Best Paper Award at the 17th IEEE ICCA
July 08, 2022
NPS Professors of Applied Mathematics Wei Kang and Hong Zhou, along with Dr. Liang Xu from the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, received the Best Paper Award at the 17th IEEE International Conference on Control & Automation (ICCA) for their work “The Observability in Unobservable Systems. Read more.

Nearly 2,000 students, teachers and parent chaperones toured the Naval Postgraduate School campus, interacting with more than 40 STEM and service-inspired venues during the return of Discovery Day at NPS, May 13. The popular event gives the university an opportunity to inspire Central Coast students in the pursuit of the STEM disciplines.

Discovery Day at NPS Opens Campus to Central Coast Students
May 13, 2022
| MC2 Tom Tonthat
In a sight not seen for more than two years, nearly 2,000 students, teachers and parent chaperones from throughout the Central Coast descended upon the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) for the return of Discovery Day at NPS, May 13, touring the university and interacting with the more than 40 inspirational Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) venues set up around the campus. Read more.

Faculty Publications

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An Introduction to Element-Based Galerkin Methods on Tensor-Product Bases: Analysis, Algorithms, and Applications

This book introduces the reader to solving partial differential equations numerically using element-based Galerkin methods. Various forms of Galerkin methods are described in detail, such as spectral element, discontinuous Galerkin, and hybridized discontinuous Galerkin methods. This book describes the methods used in the formulation of the NUMA (Nonhydrostatic Unified Model of the Atmosphere) model which was constructed in the Center for Computational Mathematics in the Department of Applied Mathematics of NPS.

Security and Privacy

The book is focused on the state-of-the-art developments of network security, secure cryptographic protocols, post-quantum cryptography, quantum cryptography, blockchains and cryptocurrency, IoT security and privacy, cloud security, machine learning in cybersecurity, and other disciplines related to security and privacy. In this book, a wide variety of basic security primitives are discussed along with recent developments in some advanced topics like functional encryption, two-party/multi-party computation, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and post-quantum security.

Graph Theory Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems, Volume 2

Prof. Ralucca Gera's 2nd volume of Graph Theory: Favorite Conjectures ad Open Problems. This volume describes the origin and history behind conjectures and problems in graph theory, provides various methods to solving research problems in the field and provides strong pedagogical content for graduate students and a reference to researchers in the field.

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