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ISRC - Information Exchange - 28 SEP 2021

AI Could Worsen Our Misinformation Problem

AI could make things worse as easily as it may make things better. An interview with Eric Schmidt. 

The Atlantic

AI in IHL: Legal and Ethical Implications of Emerging Disinformation and Decision-Making Technologies

A Video discussion of the ethical implications of AI and Machine Learning

American Society of International Law

Russia Behind 'Ghostwriter' Campaign Against Germany

The EU Council is naming names - saying that the group Ghostwriter which has gone beyond spreading disinformation and into trying to get into emails and accounts of politicians - is a Russian state-sponsored group, and that won't be tolerated. 


Troll Farm Misinformation Reached 140M Americans Monthly

Misinformation on Facebook reached 140 Million Americans monthly ahead of the 2020 elections.  Social media platforms are trying to figure out a solution. 

Business Insider

Security audit raises severe warnings on Chinese smartphone models

Three models of Chinese made phones are reported to have serious security issues. 

ars technica

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