Degree Programs

Academic Overview

The Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Academic Program at the Naval Postgraduate School grants Masters of Science and Ph. D. degrees. Our students are offered both fundamental and specialized courses in modeling and simulation (M&S), visual simulation technology, combat models and systems, and best practices and tools in support of training, analysis, acquisition, testing and operational capabilities.

MOVES offers certificates for a broad audience, tailored to specific interests and communities. Some of these certificates are offered in residence, some as distance learning (DL) degrees, and some with both options. Please see the Certificate Programs page for details.

The Master of Science program is a two-year, eight-quarter program whose core covers the fundamentals of modeling and simulation. Several concentration blocks focus on a variety of important subspecialties.


Core Competencies

  • History and fundamentals of M&S
  • Applied mathematics
  • Computer systems
  • Virtual environments
  • Training and human systems
  • M&S systems lifecycle management
  • Modeling (system, combat, real-world physics, VV&A)

JPME level 2

  • Specialization Areas
  • Environmental models, 3D modeling, and web-based technologies;
  • Game-based systems, computer animation and computer vision;
  • Discrete event simulation;
  • Advanced combat modeling, including social, cultural and behavioral modeling;
  • Training systems and human factors
  • The final accomplishment in the Masters Degree program is the completion of a written thesis. This thesis is conducted on a research problem under the supervision of a MOVES faculty thesis advisor.

The Doctor of Philosophy program is typically a 3-year effort. Areas of special strength amongst the MOVES Academic Faculty are combat modeling and analysis, networked and web-based visual simulation, agents and cognitive modeling, training systems and human factors, discrete-event simulation and computer vision.  Doctoral students have a background in M&S.