MOVES November 2023 News

MOVES Personnel Actions

  • MOVES Faculty members LTC Rowan, Dr. Imre Balogh, Dr. Chris Darken, and MOVES PhD Candidate LtCol Scotty Black, hosted visit from Dr. Khoo Boo Cheong, the Director of the Temasek Defence Systems Institute (TDSI) of Singapore, on 7 November. MOVES presented Dr. Khoo with an overview of the institute’s capabilities, current efforts, and opportunities for student enrollment. Dr. Khoo was particularly interested in multiple applications of AI and expanding education opportunities to his students through the MOVES Institute. We will continue to explore the addition of more students as part of the degree granting curriculums.
  • LTC Rowan and Maj Will Oblak, a MOVES student, met with MGySgt Samuel Castro, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Deputy Commandant for Information to provide information on the MOVES Institute and Maj Oblak’s thesis work on EW modeling for ground operations. MGySgt Castro also was interested in taking advantage of educational opportunities for enlisted Marines in his community at the MOVES Institute. Further discussions will continue with the hope of MOVES being an option for the future NCO education initiatives of all services.
  •  Mr. Chris Fitzpatrick completed the installation of new computer workstations in the MOVES Lab space. These computers also came with a Varjo headset and virtual visualization capabilities through their MACE and ARMOR software packages.
  • The Future Tech team at MOVES presented the game “Change Agent” at the Serious Games Showcase at I/ITSEC 2023. The game was developed in collaboration with the Global ECCO team, based on subject matter expertise provided by Deborah Gibbons (Associate Prof., Dept. of Defense Management). “Change Agent” was one of 17 finalists and will be presented live during the conference by Eric Heine and Prof. Gibbons.
  • MOVES/NPS faculty attended I/ITSEC 2023 and provided educational outreach to different service components. The event also served to provide insights into potential technological solutions for inclusion in our labs and courses, and provided options to seek further collaborations with various industry/academic/government partners. LTC Rowan informed the Army’s Simulation Operations Officers in attendance with educational opportunities at NPS and MOVES for their consideration in future Advanced Civil Schooling selections.
  • LtCol Scotty Black, a MOVES PhD Candidate, presented his work “Scaling Intelligent Agent Combat Behaviors Through Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning” at I/ITSEC 2023 as part of the AI in Schedule Forecasting and Behavior Scaling paper session.
  • LTC Rowan presented his cognitive workload modeling and measurement research to the annual stakeholders update to the Holistic Situational Awareness and Decision Making Program that is an S&T LOE for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift Program. The HSA-DM program will continue with opportunities for NPS students and faculty to contribute with research.
  • Dr. Curtis Blais co-authored the Technical Review of the NATO Modeling and Simulation Symposium (MSG-207) conducted Oct 19-20 in Monterey, CA.
  • The Future Tech Team continued development and demonstrated the NWPAC24 front-end interface design and testing (SWIFTR) ahead of the MPC in December.
  • For the 2023 DoD Energy and Environment Innovation Symposium, Ryan Lee of the Future Tech Team at the MOVES Institute created a virtual environment depicting Hybrid Air Vehicle's (HAV) Airlander 10 landing, dropping off pallets and taking off. His application was deployed on an Oculus Quest Pro headset and was selected to be displayed in the VIP area during the symposium. This work is supporting a FY24 Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) project where NPS has partnered with HAV, which is a heavier than air aircraft development company located in Bedford, United Kingdom. NPS has a CRADA with HAV and they have been working together since 2021. Building a virtual environment has been critical for HAV as the Airlander 10 is still under construction. Virtual reality brings this logistics, ISR, and ASW capability to life.

Ongoing Priorities:

  • MOVES faculty and personnel within the Future Tech Team continue to be engaged and provide interface development with the NWPAC 24 planners.
  • Communicating MOVES capabilities and opportunities to various organizations to facilitate collaboration and student recruitment/enrollment in the MOVES Masters and Ph.D. programs as well as the Healthcare M&S Certificate Program.
  • Supporting strategic assessment and development of the re-imagining of the MOVES Institute with VADM (R) TJ White.
  • Lab technological refresh installations and training.

Next Month:

  • MOVES faculty and students will be supporting the NWPAC 24 MPC from 4-7 December with demonstrations of M&S built scenarios in support of the event.
  • MOVES faculty will meet with VADM (R) TJ White on 13 December 2023 to continue strategic development work in support of the re-imagining of the MOVES Institute.
  • BEAT Army!