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Healthcare Modeling and Simulation Certificate

The Naval Postgraduate School, in partnership with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, have collaborated to design and deliver a distance learning educational program for healthcare simulation professionals. This program focuses on the effective use of modeling and simulation in the healthcare domain. The materials developed have been reviewed and incorporated into an efficient, interactive, fast-paced certificate program for working professionals.

The certificate requires the completion of four courses, comprising 16 credit hours of work at the graduate level. These courses form a coherent sequence to equip the certificate student with the core skills necessary to manage a modeling and simulation education and research program which can be completed in 12 months.

Certificate Curriculum Information


Applied Modeling and Simulation in Healthcare Master's


The Naval Postgraduate School’s Applied Modeling and Simulation in Healthcare is the first Master’s degree program of its kind to focus on the specific needs of DoD healthcare simulationists. It is a joint effort between the Naval Postgraduate School and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and combines the M&S expertise at NPS with leading healthcare education at USUHS. All 10 courses are taught via distance learning (three of which are taught through the USUHS Foundations in Health Professions Education program). The program focuses on fundamentals of M&S, the broad applications of M&S to DoD healthcare training, and accruing expertise and leadership skills in providing healthcare education. This Master’s degree program is available to DoD and VA healthcare professionals, educators, administrators and simulation operations specialists.

This new Master’s degree program will consist of 10 courses (four of which will be completed as part of the existing Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare Certificate program).  The program will focus on both the fundamentals of modeling and simulation (M&S) and the broad applications of M&S to healthcare training.

The intended student population is healthcare professionals.


Contact Information

Program Officer: Charles Rowan, LTC, USA, Ph.D

Watkins Hall, Room 274

(831) 656-7872, DSN 756-7872


Academic Associate: Rudy Darken, Ph.D.

Code CS/Rd, Watkins Hall, Room 384

(831) 656-7588, DSN 756-7588