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A list of commonly asked questions and answers are shown below. Please contact us if you still don't find what you're looking for.

What is a Command & Staff diploma?

A Command & Staff diploma is awarded by an intermediate level service college to document completion of its required curriculum and Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) phase I certification. Navy officers will earn a JS-7 ADQ.

What is JPME?

Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) is a collection of joint learning objectives that comprise the educational requirement for an officer to earn a Joint Qualified Officer (JQO) designation. JPME is usually divided into two phases: JPME Phase I consists of those joint learning objectives identified in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP) that are required to be included in intermediate and senior level service college's curriculum; JPME Phase II consists of those joint learning objectives contained in the intermediate and senior level courses offered by the Joint Forces Staff College. Officers who attend the National War College or the Industrial College of the Armed Forces receive complete JPME credit.

Can I complete all requirements for a Command & Staff diploma while assigned to NPS?

Yes. The program in place is specifically designed so a NPS student can complete the program in four quarters by enrolling in one course segment per quarter.

What are the requirements for a Naval War College Masters degree?

A Master of Arts degree from the Naval War College requires:

  • Formal acceptance into the NWC graduate degree program. (Specific application is required.)
  • Completion of all three NWC courses through the Fleet Seminar program Note: NWC Monterey does not offer Fleet Seminar courses.
  • Electives - Completion of 9-10 graduated semester hours (14 graduate quarter hours) approved by NWC

More information can be obtained by accessing the Naval War College, College of Distance Education web site at

Can I earn a NWC Masters degree while assigned to NPS?

No. NWC Monterey does not offer Fleet Seminar course requirements for the degree.

If I am unable to complete the Command & Staff program while assigned to NPS, will I lose credit for the work I've completed?

No. The Naval War College Monterey Program Office is part of the Naval War College, College of Distance Education (CDE). The courses we offer to NPS students are the same or equivalent to courses offered by CDE around the country. Students may complete courses they were unable to take in Monterey at a future duty station, via the web or by CD Rom.

Can I validate classes if I've completed Naval War College courses prior to my assignment to NPS?

Yes. Students can validate prior courses completed in Python.

The level of effort for the Strategy & War course was more than I expected; can I expect more or less level of effort required (per quarter) in NSDM or JMO?

Both the National Security Decision Making and Joint Maritime Operations courses require a similar level of effort each quarter.

If I enroll, where do I get my books?

NWC loans books and course materials to students. Books and materials are distributed on the first day of class.

I've read through the Naval War College web site and did not find any reference to course numbers, why?

Course numbers were created by NWC to facilitate the scheduling of NWC courses in the NPS environment. Consequently they are not needed or used anywhere else.

What is the sequence of the courses?

NW3230 (Strategy & War) - NW3285 (Theater Security Decision Making) - NW3275 (Joint Maritime Operations part 1) - NW3276 (Joint Maritime Operations part 2)