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Program Requirements

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Eligible officers and select DoD civilians who wish to earn a Command and Staff program diploma need to complete an NWC course in all three core disciplines: Strategy & War (S&W); Theater Security Decision Making (TSDM); and Joint Maritime Operations (JMO). Course options include Fleet Seminar, Web-enhanced correspondence and NWC Monterey courses. 

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Program Classes

NWC Monterey offers the following series of classes that satisfy the requirements for a NWC Command & Staff program diploma:

  1. NW3230 Strategy & War (4-2)
  2. NW3285 Theater Security Decision Making (4-0)
  3. NW3275 Joint Maritime Operations Part 1 (4-0)
  4. NW3276 Joint Maritime Operations Part 2 (4-0)

Students enroll in NWC classes through the NPS PYTHON automated scheduling system and attend NWC Monterey classes during the normal work-day.

Program Notes

  1. Students desiring NWC web-enhanced correspondence courses need to register with CDE through its website:
  2. Due to mission requirements and resource constraints, Fleet Seminar enrollment at NWC Monterey is restricted to current Fleet Seminar students.
  3. Previous versions of NWC Monterey courses will continue to grant students credit towards a NWC Command & Staff program diploma.
  4. Completion of both NW-3275 and NW-3276 are required to fulfill the JMO course requirement.

Program Eligibility

All prospective students are required to have a Bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in any NWC course. Additionally prospective students must be:

  • U.S. Naval officers 0-3 and above
  • U.S. Coast Guard officers 0-3 and above
  • U.S. Army officers 0-3 (P) and above
  • U.S. Air Force officers 0-3 (P) and above
  • DoD civilians GS-11 and above


  1. USMC officers get full 0-4 PME credit for completing our 4-course sequence. No additional Marine Corps specific courses are required.
  2. Eligible Army officers must complete a prerequisite course (P.950) prior to getting credit for the program.
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