AI webinar

Developing Artificial Intelligence in Defense Programs

March 3, 2021

Artificial Intelligence can be a game changer for the Department of Defense, and it requires new acquisition & management approaches. This webinar provides data and analysis from four ARP researchers, with an introduction from moderator RDML Kurt Rothenhaus, Program Executive Officer for US Navy's Command, Control. Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) and Space Systems.



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RDML Kurt Rothenhaus (USN) provides an overview of how artificial intelligence aligns with and supports strategic initiatives from the Chief of Naval Operations and his office, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence and Space Systems.



Timothy Shives presents his research on new analytical and decision-making approaches to managing the acquisition of AI systems—knowledge-value added and integrated risk management methodologies—as complements to the current earned value management approach.


Bonnie Johnson shares research on specific challenges in the systems engineering lifecycle, failure modes that these new types of intelligent systems might be involved in, and strategies to address associated safety risks.


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Bruce Nagy presents research from NAVAIR China Lake on how objective quality evidence can be developed for training data required by machine learning algorithms throughout the five stages of development (requirements, architecture, design, development, and test and evaluation).


Ying Zhao shares her research-driven framework to leverage artificial intelligence to learn, optimize, and wargame (LAILOW) as it applies to three use cases, including how to predict command and control for ships.