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John Smart

John M. Smart, M.S. (Futures studies, U. Houston), M.S. (Physiology, UCSD) (Civ) has 17 years experience as a foresight educator and scholar of technological change. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on foresight development, leadership, and adapting to rapid technological change at the U. Houston and UAT. He has lectured and workshopped on strategic and technology foresight process since 2004 for the Air War College, Army Science Board, Army Training and Doctrine Command, Army War College, CA Law Enforcement Command College, DARPA, FBI Futures Working Group, Navy-Joint Capabilities and Integration (N83), National Air and Space Intelligence Center, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), and the US Naval Institute. John Smart’s contribution to CEE includes work with NSLS and Transition Support, and the use of superior foresight process to improve innovation, intelligence, and security, with a particular emphasis on small teams.