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Customized On-Demand Education for Executives

The Course

The Customized On-Demand Education for Executives (CODEX) Course is designed for Flag Officers, General Officers, Senior Executives, Commanding Officers and Senior Enlisted leaders requiring customized education to meet unique or specific command needs. They can leverage the extensive experience resident within NPS along with their associated network of executive coaches, international experts and business partners.  CODEX sessions are personalized programs that nominally run 1 to 3 days based on the needs of the command and designed to effectively combine leadership dimensions of war fighting, individual leadership development and high-level organizational alignment.  The focus of each CODEX is driven by the needs of the requesting command but often focus on advanced thinking, executive skill development, decision making, innovation, strategic planning and execution, risk management, financial management and international expertise.

Objective/Desired End State

CODEX course options are designed to accelerate the learning process to enable senior leaders to more rapidly increase their organizational impact while meeting the emerging needs of the Navy.

Program Manager

Winli McAnally

Winli McAnally, Director, CEE. Winli McAnally has over 15 years experience in professional development and education of Navy leaders at all levels. Since 2006, Winli has been working at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Executive Education and helped establish the Navy Executive Development Program. She developed the Tailored Support (TS) course for Flag Officers transferring to new assignments; the unique TS program is acclaimed for streamlining the Flag transition process, better preparing Flags for their next assignment and enabling Flag Officers to more quickly adapt to the demands of their new commands. Read full bio...

The Faculty

CODEX course utilizes academic experts from Naval Postgraduate School including their associated network of executive coaches, international experts and business partners.

The Location

Conducted at either Naval Postgraduate School (Center for Executive Education) or online.

Who Should Attend?

CODEX is designed for Flag Officers, General Officers, SES, Commanding Officers and Senior Enlisted leaders. Participants should be those who have recently assumed, are under orders to, or anticipate assignment to a new command or senior staff position. Course is Command funded.

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