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Evolving toward Resilience: The Climate Security Threat of Wildfires

26 July 2024 / 1200 - 1330 PT / Virtual Via Zoom

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Panel of experts will share information on climate modeling, wildfire science and current best practices.


Past Events

Past Events

5/28/24 Tackling Energy Sector Challenges by Intersecting Materials, Manufacturing and Systems
5/2/24 Seapower Conversation: Navigating the Tide: Rising Seas as a Threat to Readiness
4/23/24 3 Year Celebration of CSN
4/16/24 Global Climate and Energy Policy Trends – 2024 and Beyond
3/26/24 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy and Environment Featuring John Englander
1/22/24 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy and Environment
11/1/23 Analysis of Pathways to Reach Net Zero Naval Operations by 2050, Phase II
10/31/23 Water for Energy (W4E): The Quiet Crisis in the Making and on Border Prosperity in USA-Mexico and Other Regions
10/24/23 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy and Environment featuring Dr. Katharine Ricke
8/23/23 The Global Water Security Center: Translating Environmental Data for Security Decisions
8/2/23 Climate Change Law: The Impact of Recent Cases on Climate Security
4/27-28/23 Department of the Navy Climate Change Tabletop Exercise II
4/11/23 2-Year Celebration of CSN
4/5/23 Perspectives on Climate from a Military Fellow
2/9/23 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy & Environment featuring Dr. Neta Crawford
12/8/22 CSN Members Lunch
11/30/22 Challenges of Climate Security & Governance Competition
10/25/22 Net Zero Briefing: Pathways to Net Zero Emissions
9/15/22 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy, and the Environment: Climate Action 2030
8/3/22 ONR S&T Activities and Opportunities to support Navy Climate Action 2030
8/2/22 Maritime Decarbonization
5/16/22 CSN Research Roundtable
4/25/22 Climate Security Leaders Panel
4/6/22 1-Year Celebration of CSN
3/8/22 Net Zero Briefing: Airships
2/2/22 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy & Environment: Featuring Dr. Marshall Shepherd
12/8/21 Classified Briefing: National Intelligence Estimate Climate Change Report
12/1/21 Net Zero Briefing: Cost-Based Analysis
11/17/21 COP26 Panel: Making Sense of Glasgow
10/26/21 Offshore Wind Farms and the Morro Bay Project
9/24/21 Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy and the Environment: Featuring Dr. Saul Griffith
7/13/21 Climate Security Policy: An Overview of Some Commercial Influences
6/3/21 Advancing Arctic Research
4/27/21 The Security Implications of Climate Change
4/7/21 NPS Climate & Security Speaker Series: Prioritizing Climate & Security in DoD