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Past Events

Department of the Navy Climate Change Tabletop Exercise II

27-28 April 2023

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

The Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations, & Environment), the Naval Postgraduate School, and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability are co-hosting the Department of the Navy Climate Change Tabletop Exercise II. This event is a unique opportunity to work toward climate solutions alongside academics, subject matter experts, Navy and Marine Corps leaders, and government and private sector leaders to inform the Department of the Navy’s (DoN) analytic agenda for climate. The goal is to identify joint solutions that Stanford and NPS can undertake to advance DoN climate priorities and sustainability.

This event is invitation-only. Please contact Kristen Fletcher with questions:

LODGING: Lodging for the Monterey Bay Area will be in high demand. If you wish to stay on base at the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, please contact Lois Hazard at as soon as possible to reserve a room. Rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.



2-Year Celebration of CSN

11 April 2023 / 5–6:30 pm PT / Trident Room, NPS

Perspectives on Climate from a Military Fellow

5 April 2023 / 1200 PT / Virtual


Colonel Alison J. Thompson, U.S. Marine Corps

This presentation features Council on Foreign Relations Military Fellow Alison Thompson of the U.S. Marine Corps. She will share her experiences as a fellow and Research she is conducting on climate security issues for the Navy and Marine Corps.



Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy & Environment featuring Dr. Neta Crawford

Presentation Title: Climate Change, Climate Security, and the U.S. Military
9 February 2023
Co-sponsored by NPS, Naval War College, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Naval Community College and Marine Corps University


For more information on Dr. Crawford:
Dr. Crawford Full Bio
The Lawfare Podcast: Neta Crawford on the Pentagon, Climate Change, and War
Costs of War

CSN Members Lunch

8 December 2022

In-person - NPS Foundation Patio

NPS faculty and students are invited to a bring-your-own-lunch gathering at the NPS Foundation.

Challenges of Climate Security & Governance Competition

30 November 2022 / 1200 PT / Virtual


Major Matt Alexander, US Army

Major Alexander Kenna, US Army

This presentation features NPS students who will share their thesis work on how climate security events can be leveraged in governance competition, especially in vulnerable regions. The research includes the connections associated with Climate Security and Strategic Competition and how the DoD can best approach these challenges. Special focus will be applied to how climate change events can serve as a threat multiplier and how Army Special Operations Civil Affairs can assist in addressing the strategic geopolitical implications of climate security as it concerns the civil domain. 

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Net Zero Briefing: Pathways to Net Zero Emissions

25 October 2022

Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group

Marina Lesse, Energy Academic Group

Bonnie Johnson, Systems Engineering

Brandon Naylor, Energy Academic Group

Major Joseph Lucas, U.S. Army

Major Steven Moore, U.S. Army

This is the third and final briefing in the CSN Net Zero Briefing series featuring NPS researchers. In this briefing, faculty and students will share findings from a Naval Research Program-funded project focused on how the Operational Navy may reach net zero emissions by 2050. The findings cover a variety of potential strategies but focus on ships and planes which create over 70% of DoN emissions and are difficult to decarbonize. Other strategies addressed include electrification, increased efficiencies, unmanned systems, hydrogen, nuclear, renewable energy, and carbon capture and sequestration.



Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy, and the Environment: Climate Action 2030 

15 September 2022

Speakers: ASN Meredith Berger, Energy, Installations, and Environment

Ms. Deb Loomis, Senior Advisor for Climate

In-person at U.S. Naval Academy/Virtual Via Google Meets

This event is open to faculty, staff, and students of the naval educational institutions and invited DoN and DoD guests.



ONR S&T Activities and Opportunities to support Navy Climate Action 2030

3 August 2022


Dr. Mark Spector, Office of Naval Research

Dr. Emily Shroyer, Office of Naval Research


ONR Panel Resources

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Maritime Decarbonization

August 2, 2022

Joint event with Energy Academic Group

In-person only / MAE Auditorium / Naval Postgraduate School

Speaker: Mr. David Hume, Pacific Northwest National Lab

This briefing will present updates from maritime decarbonization efforts across the U.S. government and private sector.



CSN Research Roundtable

12 May

In-person – 203 Reed Hall 

NPS faculty and students will share information about climate and security related research and hear about research being conducted across campus. Organizers will discuss the CSN Research Initiative and share information about current and upcoming funding opportunities.

Climate Security Leaders Panel

April 25, 2022


Dr. Emily A. Pesicka, ORISE Post-Doctoral Fellow with NPS Center for Infrastructure Defense

Katelin Wright, Senior Immigration Services Officer, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, CSAG Climate and Security Fellow

LT Kionna D. Myles, MSC, USN, NPS Student, Barrow Fellow

Captain Joe Yanuzzi, USMC, NPS Student, Barrow Fellow

LT Natalia Widulinski, USN, NPS Alumnus, Barrow Fellow

As climate change makes security problems more complex, approaching these problems through targeted interdisciplinary opportunities such as fellowships can create more effective solutions. These speakers are each participating as fellows or postdocs in assessing and solving some of the most challenging problems in the climate and security area. Join us to find out about their work and the opportunities these positions afford.



For more information:

Barrow Fellows

ORISE Fellowship

CSAG Climate and Security Fellowship Program

1-Year Celebration of CSN

April 6, 2022

Trident Room, NPS

Net Zero Briefing

Hybrid Airships: An Initial Sustainability Analysis of a Large-scale Mobility Platform, its Manufacturing Process and Product Life-Cycle

March 8, 2022

Captain Ben Cohen, USMC and Captain John Schmaltz, USMC

This is the second in the series of Net Zero Briefings featuring the research of two NPS students. Speakers will share their research findings about Hybrid Airships and potential for operational use as the Navy and DoD move toward net zero emissions by 2050. The briefing will feature partner Hybrid Air Vehicles who will address manufacturing sustainability for the future.



Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy & Environment: Featuring Dr. Marshall Shepherd

The Extreme Weather - Climate Gap: A discussion at the Intersection of Risk, Vulnerability, and Communication

February 2, 2022



Dr. Shepherd Resources

Co-sponsored by NPS, Naval War College, U.S. Naval Academy and Marine Corps University

Classified Briefing: National Intelligence Estimate Climate Change Report

Co-hosted with NPS Energy Academic Group and the Intelligence Community’s Environmental Security Working Group

December 8, 2021 / Virtual SVTC


This briefing will present key findings from the classified version of the National Intelligence Estimate report including the intensifying effects that will exacerbate geopolitical flashpoints, particularly after 2030, and key countries and regions that will face increasing risks of instability and need for humanitarian assistance.

NPS Net-Zero Project: Capstone Briefing

Cost-Based Analysis ​of Surface Warship Lithium-Ion Battery Conversion​

Presented by: LT Chris Masters, LCDR Evan Bloxham​, LT Ashraful Haque

December 1, 2021


Discussing the capstone project which aims to identify the US Navy surface fleet's current fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Researchers performed a cost-benefit analysis for converting Navy surface ships to electric, battery-powered alternatives using technology currently available in the public market. The project created a working financial model which can be used for future research that requires a quantitative understanding of the costs and benefits of lithium-ion battery use. Project results will contribute to the NPS research study Pathways to Net Zero Emissions for the Operational Navy. 

Moderated by: Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group, Climate & Security Network

COP26 Panel: Making Sense of Glasgow

November 17, 2021



Jennifer DeCesaro, Director for Climate Security and Resilience, National Security Council

Erin Sikorsky, Director, Center for Climate and Security 

NPS Discussants:

Nick Dew, Graduate School of Defense Management

Kristen Fletcher, Energy Academic Group 

Tom Murphree, Department of Meteorology

The UN Climate Change Conference – known as COP26 – brought parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Speakers and discussants will share perspectives on what was accomplished at COP26 and what it means for the work of DoD and the Navy. 

Offshore Wind Farms and the Morro Bay Project

Speaker: Mr. Mike Clancy, Citizens' Climate Network

October 26, 2021



The Biden Administration recently gave approval for the Morro Bay Offshore Wind Farm, which will consist of about 375 floating wind turbines moored between 20 and 30 miles off the Big Sur coast between Lucia and Cambria. This presentation will provide a brief summary of the causes and impacts of climate change and the need to transition to clean energy, give an overview of the technology of offshore wind farms, and present the specifics of the Morro Bay Project. The presentation will also explore issues of possible concern, such as the impact of the project on commercial fishing, wildlife and the Big Sur viewshed.

Mike Clancy earned a B.S. in Oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology in 1973 and a M.S. in Meteorology from the University of Miami in 1975. He worked for SAIC in the late '70s and NRL in the early '80s.  He joined Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) in Monterey in 1983 and was selected as Technical and Scientific Director of FNMOC in August of 2005. Mr. Clancy authored over 100 publications in meteorology, oceanography and information technology, and received over 50 professional awards, including the Navy’s highest civilian award, prior to his retirement in 2011.

Combined Naval Address on Climate, Energy and the Environment: Featuring Dr. Saul Griffith

Co-sponsored by NPS, Naval War College, U.S. Naval Academy and Marine Corps University

September 24, 2021


More Info

Trained as an engineer, Saul Griffith is an inventor and entrepreneur. He has founded and co-founded numerous technology companies based in the Bay Area. He is Founder and Chief Scientist at Otherlab, an independent R&D lab that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies understand energy infrastructure and build transformational technologies that bring us closer to 100% decarbonization.

Climate Security Policy: An Overview of Some Commercial Influences

July 13, 2021

1200-1300 PT  |  Via MS Teams

Professor Nick Dew, Graduate School of Defense Management

Climate security policy depends in some crucial ways on assumptions about commercial factors such as the development of new technologies and the strategies of MNCs (multi-national corporations). Sometimes these assumptions are empirically well-grounded; other times not so much. This presentation will address some key empirical trends and recent events in the business landscape that policymakers may want to keep one eye on.  

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Advancing Arctic Research

June 3, 2021

Julia Nesheiwat, US Arctic Research Commission 

Wieslaw Maslowski, NPS Oceanography Department

John Joseph, NPS Oceanography Department


More Info

For information on our Guest Speaker, Dr. Julia Nesheiwat, visit:

For more information on the US Arctic Research Commission, read a Q&A with David Kennedy, new chair of the Commission:

The Security Implications of Climate Change

April 27, 2021  |  Virtual Navy Guest Lecture (V-SGL)

Mr. Joseph Bryan

From the President’s Executive Orders on Climate Change, the mandates and vision laid out by the President and Secretary of Defense, and the White House Leaders’ Climate Summit, Mr. Bryan will discuss the national security implications of climate change and perspectives on the path forward from the DoD Climate Working Group he leads.


More Info

Mr. Joseph Bryan is the Senior Advisor on Climate to the Secretary of Defense. Prior to his appointment, Joe Bryan was principal at a consulting practice focused on clean energy technology and its intersection with national security. Joe previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy where he was responsible for policies relating to the Department’s installation and operational energy programs. To view a presentation by Mr. Bryan from 2017 for the Energy Academic Group, visit:

NPS Climate & Security Speaker Series: Prioritizing Climate & Security in DoD

April 7, 2021


More Info

The Honorable John Conger

Mr. Conger will kick off NPS’ Climate Speaker Series with an overview of President Biden’s recent Executive Orders on Climate Change and the mandates and vision laid out by the President and Secretary of Defense Austin. Mr. Conger will offer his perspectives on the path forward for DoD and offer recommendations from research and analysis conducted by the Center for Climate and Security.