Field Studies

Field Studies Program

  1. The Field Studies Program (FSP) is sponsored by the United States Government and is designed to familiarize international students with American society, institutions, history, and goals. It is funded from international tuition and includes numerous local and regional trips. Local events include the Monterey County Fair, and the Monterey Aquarium.  We also sponsor quarterly trips to San Francisco, and visits to Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley.  Three trips to our state capitol, Sacramento, are also conducted each year; as are several trips to our state parks to include one of our most picturesque national landmarks, Yosemite National Park. The program also includes two trips each year to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C, with side trips to the Gettysburg battlefield and the United States Naval Academy. All transportation, lodging, entrance fees, and most meals are funded by the International Graduate Programs Office.  These trips are offered on a voluntary basis to all International students and some of the trips include family participation.  

           Field Studies topic areas include:
    • Law of War
    • International Peace and Security
    • U.S. Government Institutions
    • Political Processes
    • Judicial System
    • Free Market System
    • Media
    • Education
    • Health and Human Services
    • Diversity and American Life
  2. The International Graduate Programs Office sponsors a seminar covering these topics areas that is required to be taken in the first or second quarter of each student’s academic schedule. Seminar description is as follows:

    IT1500 Informational Program Seminar for International Officers (4-0).
    This class provides International students with an awareness and functional understanding of internationally recognized human rights and the American democratic way of life. Areas of emphasis introduced during the seminar include civil-military relations, human rights, relationships in a democratic society, and a comparative look at the U.S. free enterprise system. This is a graded course.



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