Resolution Of Port/Starboard Ambiguity Using A Linear Array Of Triplets And A Twin-Line Planar Array

Stilson Veras Cardoso, Civilian, Brazilian Navy

Abstract: This thesis is a study on the ability of towed sonar arrays to resolve the PS (port/starboard) ambiguity problem, and focuses on a twin-line planar array and a linear array of triplets. A twin-line planar array is commonly employed in underwater warfare. The goal is to offer the reader a comprehensive understanding of the method used for the solution of the PS ambiguity problem, concerning the beamformer’s complex weights, operating frequency and limit on beam steering. Initially, the basic characteristics and functional blocks, technical and operational peculiarities of towed linear sonar arrays are presented, and then a single triplet, a linear array of triplets and a twin-line planar array are respectively examined in detail. The research consists of mathematical modeling of the elements and the arrays, calculation of beam patterns for study cases, and signal processing simulations programmed in MATLAB. The simulations make use of a signal generator, designed to assess the performance of the twin-line planar array. The generator provides the reader with a systems view of the array operation, taking into account the characteristics of the target and medium.

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Advisor: Prof. Lawrence Ziomek (ECE)


Jul 09, 2016

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