Robotic Arm Manipulation Laboratory with a Six Degree of Freedom JACO Arm

LTJG Ronald Palacios, Peruvian Navy

Abstract: The Jaco 6 degree of freedom robotic arm and associated software are characterized for use by students in a Robotic Manipulation Laboratory. The lab was implemented to help students understand Tele-operation techniques with a sophisticated Kinova JACO robotic arm. The purpose of the research was to follow up on Jacinto’s work and expose students to forward kinematics via Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) parameters for robotic arm manipulation in a lab environment for various experiments. Jacinto demonstrated the viability of resistive glove control via simulation through the Robot Operating System (ROS) interface. He was not able to demonstrate real time glove control. Here we take an intermediate approach and introduce a virtual joystick. Manipulation experiments, with various effector loads and Cartesian trajectories indicate a 1.0 Kg load limit in the fully extended mode and 1.5 Kg limit in a midrange mode. This verifies vendor specifications for the arm and is acceptable for light-load daily mobility requirements.

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Jan 03, 2016

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