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null Chloe Woida, Contractor

Contact Info

(831) 656-1080
Office Address:
Glasgow Hall, Room 346


Expertise: Writing, Research, National Security


Chloe Woida (contractor) completed her English M.A. at Portland State University in 2014 with an emphasis on culture, critical theory, and questions of embodiment. For her B.A. in anthropology at UC Berkeley, she focused her studies on gender and nationalism in the Middle East. Her first writing center experience was at Golden Gate University’s Online Writing Lab. Since joining the NPS community as a Writing Coach in 2014, she has worked with students from nearly every department and at all stages of their studies. In addition to working in the Writing Center, she also facilitates the NSA department’s introductory research and writing course. Chloe provides support in developing ideas and questions, tightening structure and organization, and revising at the sentence level for clarity and correctness. She is committed to helping each student navigate their own unique path through the writing process, with an approach that balances patience, humor, and a critical edge.

Teaching Interests:



National Security