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book cover Popular Dictatorships Crises, Mass Opinion, and the Rise of Electoral Authoritarianism
Author: Aleksandar Matovski
Electoral autocracies – regimes that adopt democratic institutions but subvert them to rule as dictatorships – have become the most widespread, resilient and malignant non-democracies today. They have...

book cover Why would Putin invade Ukraine?
Author: Aleksandar Matovski
The looming threat of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine kept the world on edge for much of 2021, and for good reason — an attack of this magnitude would arguably be the most significant invasion ...

book cover The War on Terror in Context: Domestic Dimensions of Ethiopia and Kenya’s Policies Towards Somalia
Author: Jessica Piombo, Ph.D.
What explains variations in how African countries respond to security threats? How can we explain situations in which countries face a similar regional threat environment and yet respond very differen...

book cover A Maritime Conversation with America
Author: James Wirtz, Ph.D., James Russell Ph.D., and Jeffrey Kline Ph.D.
Over the last century, the U.S. Navy has encountered critical moments when the emergence of new technologies and competitors cause paradigmatic shifts, undermining established operations and force str...

book cover Maritime strategy and naval power in the 21st century – dissembling the Rubik’s cube
Author: James Russell, Ph.D.
A year after the Eisenhower Administration came into office, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles announced that the United States intended to protect its allies and indirectly project military power...