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Asset Publisher
Jason Altwies, Contractor

Front Office Administrator and Operations
Glasgow Hall, Room 319
(831) 656-1866

Angela Archambault

Faculty Associate for Education
Expertise: Syria Conflict, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Drug Trafficking
Glasgow Hall, Room 331
(831) 656-7891

Anna Davari

Faculty Associate for Research
Glasgow Hall, Room 339
(831) 656-3184

Maricel Eddington

Administrative Specialist
Department of National Security Affairs
Glasgow Hall, Room 320
(831) 656-2632

Heather Eldridge

Education Technician for Curricula 681-694
Glasgow Hall, Room 338
(831) 656-2935

Catherine L. Grant, Contractor

Research Assistant
Glasgow Hall

Myrna Hill

Education Technician
Glasgow Hall, Room 340
(831) 656-2521

Ben Hoover, LT

JFAO/RSEP Operations Officer
Department of National Security Affairs
Glasgow Hall, Room 342
(831) 656-6565

Diana Wueger

Faculty Associate for Research
Expertise: Nuclear Deterrence, Strategic Stability, Naval Strategy, South Asia
Glasgow Hall, Room 328
(831) 656-3507