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Christopher Darnton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Academic Associate for Curriculum 684
Expertise: Latin America, International Relations, Research Methods
Glasgow Hall, Room 315
(831) 656-7729

Mariana Giusti Rodríguez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Academic Associate for Curriculum 683
Expertise: Comparative Politics, Latin America
Glasgow Hall, Room 364
(831) 656-3357

Carolyn Halladay, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, Academic Associate for Curricula 685, 686, 691, 692, and 693
German and Central European History and Politics, Cultural History, Law and National Security, International Law, Nationalism, Political Extremism
Glasgow Hall, Room 352
(831) 656-6256

CAPT Robert Hight

Senior Intelligence Officer, Information Warfare Chair, Academic Associate for Curriculum 250 and 254
Expertise: Intelligence, Great Power Competition, Defense Planning, Military Innovation, Maritime Strategy
Glasgow Hall, Room 321
(831) 656-2288

Tristan Mabry, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, Academic Associate for Curriculum 681
Expertise: Comparative Politics, Nationalism, Media and Communications
Glasgow Hall, Room 343
(831) 656-7528

Michael Malley, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, Executive Director of PASCC/CCC, Academic Associate for Curriculum 241
Expertise: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, International Relations, Comparative Politics
Glasgow Hall, Room 392
(831) 656-2409

LTC Michael "Kelly" McCoy

Strategy Chair, Academic Associate for Curricula 695 and 696
Expertise: Defense Planning, Civil-Military Relations, Strategic Studies, US Foreign Policy, Decision-making, Technology
Glasgow Hall, Room 340

Emily Meierding, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Instruction
Expertise: Energy Politics, Environmental Security
Glasgow Hall, Room 348
(831) 656-2798

Covell Meyskens, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Academic Associate for Curricula 682 and 688
Expertise: China, East Asia, Modern World History
Glasgow Hall, Room 312
(831) 656-3293

Daniel Moran, Ph.D.

Expertise: Modern International and Military History, Strategic Theory, Academic Associate for Curriculum 694
Glasgow Hall, Room 316
(831) 656-2059