Form Documents

Commonly Requested Forms

Dean of students request form

Students can use this form for the following request:

  • Residency Extensions, students requesting to stay at NPS greater than seven (7) days after their scheduled graduation date.
  • PRD Changes, students requesting to change their PRD dates due to:
    • Medical Extension
    • Pregnancy/Maternity Extension
    • TDSI Participation
    • Graduating Early
  • Graduating in Absentia, students requesting to miss graduation.
  • JPME Opt-Out, students requesting to opt-out of JPME classes.


Thesis Extension form

Any student who fails to complete their thesis/report by their Graduation/Detach Date must submit a request for a thesis extension to the Academic Council via the Thesis Advisor, Program Officer, and Department Chair prior to their Detach Date, which is referred to as your Expected Departure Date on  your Python Thesis Dashboard.

Notify your Service Rep if you submit an extension request. NPS will not approve Extensions of Tour to complete theses. Incomplete thesis may be reflected on one's evaluation


Returning VA Student form

This form is used for continuing/returning VA students.


The TAD request is used to request no cost orders for house hunting or other work related travel, of which the cost is covered by the service member.   Upon Student Services' approval, a Miss Muster request must be submitted to cover the TAD period.  All cost TAD (government funded travel) request are routed to the Travel Office located in the basement of Hermann Hall Rm 038, all questions regarding cost TAD orders should be directed to the Travel Office.

Statement of Service

Statement of service documents

This form is used to provide proof of military service to a requesting agency.  Complete all bolded fields on the form, then deliver to Student Services for verification and endorsing signature.

Detailed Statement of Service- Fill in highlighted sections, if required by the recipient; DELETE data elements NOT needed; protect your PII by sending via encrypted email or via AMRDEC to

Check Out Form

Check Out Form - Student form used to formally check-out of the Naval Postgraduate School prior to graduation.

Office of the Registrar Forms

Registrar Forms - All Office of the Registrar Forms can found here.

  • Academic Certificate Enrollment Request Form
  • Course Drop/Withdrawal Request Form
  • Directed Study Form
  • Incomplete Course Extension Form
  • Master's Candidacy Restoral Form
  • Pass/Fail Grading Request Form
  • Staff/Employee Registration Form
  • Thesis Extension Form