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Masters Program Admissions

Please visit the NPS Academic Catalog for Masters Program Admissions Criteria for Active Duty Military, International Students, Civilian Employees of the U.S. Government, and Scholarship for Service students.  

Doctoral Program Admissions 

Please visit the NPS Academic Catalog for the latest Doctoral Program admissions criteria and information. 

Dual Degree Requirements

A dual-degree program is one in which a student pursues two distinct master's degrees simultaneously. Any program which can lead to the award of two master's degrees is, in its entirety, a SPECIAL PROGRAM and it must be approved by the Academic Council. For more info, review the NPS Academic Council Policy Manual

Calculating Academic Profile Codes (APC) 

The NPS Admissions office evaluates applicants based on three criteria. The result is the assignment of an Academic Profile Code. This is a three-digit code, which summarized pertinent portions of a student's prior college performance. Read more about APC's at the Academic Catalog website

Apply Online 

To apply online, click here. For additional questions regarding Admissions procedures, please contact the Admissions Office at or (831) 521-2190. 


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