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Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School Student Services Office

Nearly 1,300 students attend the Naval Postgraduate School. The student body consists of officers from the five U.S. uniformed services, officers from approximately 30 partner countries and a small number of civilian federal and state employees.  

Student Services is the principal organization responsible for oversight, coordination, and administrative support of the university‚Äôs student population, regardless of the accession source. In that role, the mission of Student Services is to provide support for the duration of your time as a student, from enrollment through graduation.

We are committed to providing each student the necessary administrative support for both, academic and career requirements.  

For Dean of Students questions or to schedule an appointment, please email



For arriving students, the current DoD stop movement order expires prior to the arrival window for classes that begin in July 2020.  Stay informed and read applicable guidance from DoD leadership.  The expiration of the stop movement order may change.  Until it does, plan to execute your orders to NPS as they are written, but stay flexible.

For all incoming students:  If you have arrived from an international destination you need to follow DOD guidance and Restriction of Movement for 14 days at home.  For more details see this link:

Anyone unable to check-in in person should contact student affairs at SA@NPS.EDU to arrange an appointment to complete the check-in procedure via phone.  You will need a computer with internet access and a telephone to complete the initial check-in.

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